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Kid Drowns To Death When Being Ignored

Incident happend at China

Don't insult their slant eyes.

15,258 views Aug 30, 2022

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Kellwig Omega 17,319 points
He was going to cure cancer
+9 votes
Aug 30, 2022
BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 49,658 points
ho lee fuk sum ting wong
+2 votes
Aug 30, 2022
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 633 points
U make fun of every race... Must be white trash... Inbred incest creeps
satyRo77 Beginner 105 points
Zia you have insecurities you have to deal with
LatinGayGuy Intermediate 1,050 points
So weird! Even the kids are laughing at the end!
+3 votes
Aug 30, 2022
petepete44 44 points
Translate :
Elderly man : is the kid ok?
Woman : Don't worry his eye blinking , i think he is just diving
Elderly man : (ask again)
Woman : I said don't worry , he is moving , he is just diving
(in the end the woman ask : is he dead? something bad happen?)
+5 votes
Aug 30, 2022
Nigger_Lover_2.0 Beginner 128 points
ahhh so you are cing cong bing bong people
Nigger_Lover_2.0 Beginner 128 points
read carefully

Setelah Jepang semakin terpojok karena dua kota terbesarnya sudah di bom oleh Amerika Serikat dan pada tanggal 14 Agustus 1945 Jepang menyerah kepada sekutu.

Dua hari sebelum Jepang menyerah kepada sekutu atau tepatnya pada tanggal 12 Agustus 1945, tiga tokoh nasional, yang terdiri dari Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat, Ir. Soekarno, dan Drs. Mohammad Hatta memenuhi undangan dari Jenderal Terauchi di Dalat (Vietnam Selatan). Jenderal Terauchi merupakan Panglima tentara besar tentara Jepang di Asia Tenggara.

Pada pertemuan yang terjadi di Dalat antara tiga tokoh nasional dan Jenderal Terauchi ada beberapa hal yang disampaikan oleh Jenderal Terauchi

Soekarno dan Mohammad Hatta kembali ke Jakarta setelah semua urusan di Dalat selesai. Meskipun Soekarno dan Mohammad Hatta diantar oleh Laksamana Muda Tadashi Maeda untuk menemui Mayor Jenderal Moichiro Yamamoto, Kepala Staf Tentara XVI (Angkatan Darat) yang menjadi Kepala pemerintahan militer Jepang (Gunseikan) di Hindia Belanda.

Sebagai salah satu sosok tokoh kemerdekaan, Mohammad Hatta telah banyak membuat karya bagi bangsa Indonesia yang dirangkum dalam buku Karya Lengkap Bung Hatta Buku 2;Kemerdekaan Dan Demokrasi.

Namun, Mayor Jenderal Moichiro Yamamoto tidak ingin menerima Soekarno dan Mohammad Hatta dan segera memberikan perintah kepada Mayor Jenderal Otoshi Nishimura, Kepala Departemen Urusan Umum pemerintahan militer Jepang untuk menerima kedatangan rombongan itu.

Ketika menerima pertemuan dengan rombongan itu, Nishimura mengungkapkan bahwa sejak siang hari pada 16 Agustus 1945 telah menerima perintah dari Tokyo bahwa Jepang harus menjaga status quo sehingga tidak bisa memberikan kemerdekaan kepada Indonesia.
+2 votes
Aug 30, 2022
Kellwig Omega 17,319 points
Good read, thank you. Very good info
Troglodyte The Boss 25,203 points
Gee, he can hold his breath for a pretty long time . . .
+3 votes
Aug 30, 2022
Kalew The Boss 31,481 points
Nowadays it's normal to see someone dying and not give a damn, the human being was a mistake of creation..
+7 votes
Aug 30, 2022
mindemon Advanced 2,408 points
The water was shallow.  It looks like the kids could have stood up in it.  The drowning boy was not flailing his arms and legs in panic like you normally see when a person is drowning. That, and the way he appeared to be frozen up, leads me me to believe he was having a seizure,  which is a terrible way to drowned.
+5 votes
Aug 30, 2022
StelioStelioKantos Addicted 2,043 points
I think people tend not to flail much when they’re like a second from death. The standing thing is a valid point though. Could be those aren’t the most incompetent parents in human history, and they were just testing their kid to see if he possessed the extreme mental capacity required to extend his legs downward, and they just let him drown when he failed said test spectacularly.
ShyTransCat Overlord 6,522 points
That dumb bitch should be brought up on charges!
+6 votes
Aug 30, 2022
FD Advanced 2,703 points
And the man at the right side too.
usersnakeao11 52 points
chinks have no empathy
+3 votes
Aug 31, 2022
StelioStelioKantos Addicted 2,043 points
There is no fucking way they were unaware of what was happening. That kid would still be underwater if that other one hadn’t stepped on him.
+3 votes
Aug 31, 2022
theredwatercomesout Overlord 5,470 points
asian people can only see about an inch in front of them
+2 votes
Aug 31, 2022
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 633 points
Wow... They all saw him and watched him die... the cunt recording told her son to check?? A child saving a child?? Wtf... That's disgusting. They saw him everybody looked right at him..
+1 vote
Sep 17, 2022
harimanoshimo Addicted 1,822 points
They're chinks
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 633 points
They saw him the whole time and watched him drown
0 votes
Nov 17, 2022
METALG0RE Experienced 322 points
0 votes
Apr 6, 2023
sakura2333owo 36 points
Too many stupid people in one video, first the woman who was recording, even pointing it out that the child was drowning and not even doing something, second the bald man who even got close to see the poor children die slowly, third the people trying to revive him after they clearly saw he's dead. What were they trying to do, revive him after he died or try to get him out the water before he died completely? Irresponsible parents, shouldn't have a child if you're going to treat them like this.
0 votes
Jun 5, 2023
FightForWhatsWhite Addicted 2,029 points
Its always these chinks I swear. They always just stand there and watch with their chink eyes
0 votes
Oct 13, 2023
are17 Landed Knights 178,934 points