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Pregnant Woman Survived An Serious Accident, But The Man Whos With Her Did Not Make It.

Incident happend at Brazil
Bus driver João Carlos Gonzaga, 42, died in a serious traffic accident between the
motorcycle he was riding and a cargo truck. The fact occurred around 11:30 am this
Thursday (11), on the Rio Negro Bridge, towards Iranduba. The passenger who was
with him, identified as Vanessa de Araújo Dourado, 27 years old, was rescued.

According to information passed on by the military police of the 8th Community
Interactive Company (Cicom), the truck that was transporting a load of wood to
the municipality of Iranduba had a mechanical breakdown and had to stop on the road.
At this moment, the motorcycle driven by João Carlos was traveling at high speed and
ended up colliding with the back of the truck.

Due to the strong impact, João Carlos could not resist his injuries and died on the spot.
The motorcycle passenger was rescued by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu),
and sent to the Joventina Dias Emergency Care Service (SPA), located in Compensa, West Zone.

“I passed by the scene at the time of the accident, it was very ugly”, said a witness
who did not want to be identified, but stayed for a short time at the accident
scene and followed his destiny.

According to information from Samu's paramedics, the woman arrived conscious at
the hospital unit. She underwent medical procedures to verify the need to be transferred
to receive care at the João Lúcio Hospital and Emergency Room, located in the East Zone.
So far there is no information about the health status of the woman.

The Environmental Police was at the scene to search the documentation and the cargo
that was being transported by the truck, according to the information, after the
search it was found that everything was legalized. The driver of the vehicle remained
at the scene providing clarification to the police.

The agents of the Technical-Scientific Police Department (DPTC) carried out the
expertise. Civil police officers collected the information to determine the
cause and responsibility of the accident. Agents from the Municipal Institute of
Urban Mobility (IMMU) were at the scene to guide curious drivers passing by.
The victim's body was removed by the Legal Medical Institute (IML).

Three accidents in 12 hours

While trying to cross Avenida Lourenço da Silva Braga, in the Educandos neighborhood,
in the South Zone of the capital, on Thursday morning (11), an 83-year-old man was
run over by a 22-year-old motorcycle. According to witnesses, the elderly man
tried to cross when he was hit by the motorcycle and hit his head as he fell.
Due to the impact, the motorcycle driver also fell on the avenue.

Another serious traffic accident was recorded, on the morning of this Thursday (11),
in Manaus. The Seduc server Alcilei Vale Neto, 43, died after being crushed by a cart,
around 6:15 am this Thursday (11), on Avenida Rodrigo Otávio, in the Japiim neighborhood,
in the South zone, near the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), towards neighborhood/Center.

According to police information, the victim was on the way to work on the back of a
motorcycle, when the vehicle's tire blew out and he and the driver fell on the road.
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