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Hacked to Death in the Street Due to Old Rivalry and Property Dispute
The police arrested N Srinivasulu Reddy and his brother Raghunatha Reddy on Friday for killing Maruthi Prasad Reddy in broad daylight on Thursday.

The deceased belongs to Devagudi village in Jammalamadugu mandal. Speaking to the media on Friday evening, Proddatur DSP M Bakthavatchalam said that Maruthi Prasad was hacked to death due to old rivalry and property dispute.

The DSP said that B Chandrasekhar Reddy was having illicit affair with Anuradha, sister of Maruthi Prasad, for the last few years.

Chandrasekhar was providing financial support to Anuradha family and also to her brother Maruthi Prasad for doing business in Singapore.

On March 2014, Chandrasekhar’s wife Nirmalamma went to the house of Anuradha and threatened her that she would face severe consequences if she continued illicit affair with her husband. Anuradha informed the matter to her brother Maruthi Prasad on the next day.

He went to the Nirmalamma house and warned her not to repeat such mistake of threatening his sister.
Nirmalamma and her two brothers N Srinivasulu Reddy and Raghunatha Reddy lodged a complaint against Maruthi Prasad Reddy in Proddatur rural police station. Based on the complaint, the police remanded him to custody.

In May 2015, Chandrasekhar’s son Venkata Tanuj Reddy died (19) died in a road accident at Jammalamadugu.

Nirmalamma and her brothers thought Maruthi Prasad was responsible for killing Tanuj Reddy in road mishap.

They hatched a plan to kill Maruthi Prasad.

The DSP said that the accused attacked Maruthi with knives and stabbed him to death when he came to the court at Proddatur related to the old case.
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