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Chicago Gang Shooting
Damn using his friends body as a shield
469,448 views Jul 3, 2022

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Overlord 6,850 points
At least 1 lived
+14 votes
Jul 3, 2022
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
That’s not a good thing
starkweather616 68 points
Yeah, that's nice
Txmmyehh 15 points
Even tho mf used his fam as a shield, shi is crzy
Syoyonora 0 points
Should be have just died?
DIGBARPERFORMS12345 0 points
what do you mean by that cracker boy?
i left Famous 3,947 points
Bunch of fucking cowards lol, Those bitchasses supposed to be gang members?
+25 votes
Jul 3, 2022
Johnjohn 39 points
Just like the police force
MidnightManager 5 points
i’m bored so im sorry for grabbing your incel badge
Glo 1 point
U would do same thing hoe
Txmmyehh 15 points
They got caught lackin, that's that, they saw bihs off point and it was alr over
NEWBIE Overlord 6,438 points
Niggers in Paris
+20 votes
Jul 3, 2022
Nikki_Catsouras27 Extreme Poster 576 points
You missed one, asshole!
+22 votes
Jul 3, 2022
Alma.sim.rumbo Beginner 186 points
Txmmyehh 15 points
Assholes* there was more than 1 shooter doofus
Guvnor Omega 23,464 points
So wearing cap backwards, dont make you bulletproof?? I am surprised..
+21 votes
Jul 4, 2022
Guvnor Omega 23,464 points
Dreadlocks + blood = Rasta pasta
+21 votes
Jul 4, 2022
are17 Landed Knights 178,965 points
nothing special, im just glad they made gangs. They can just kill niggers by getting killed by other gang niggers. We can chill easy.
+23 votes
Jul 4, 2022
shizsawocksipping 8 points
sounds like you took the blue pill my guy cause you dont know shit
Glo 1 point
U dumb asf hoe
Syoyonora 0 points
What's up with this racism on this site?
This is why we need regulation.
NIGGER DETECTED Natural Addict 7,535 points
All of them are black lmaoo
+13 votes
Jul 4, 2022
NIGGER DETECTED Natural Addict 7,535 points
Or better said, were...
Killer on the road Natural Addict 8,430 points
Pay no attention to them being black, they are really white people in black face really trying to make it a black on black thing
+14 votes
Jul 4, 2022
Johnjohn 39 points
Pay no attention to the Highland park mass shooter being white. We can't taint our "supreme" white image.
Hyyu_098 99 points
fr, I have heard of LOADS of white gangs
British Nazi Beginner 202 points
Proud boys xD
_NiggerPox_ Overlord 6,508 points
i love niggers.
+11 votes
Jul 4, 2022
British Nazi Beginner 202 points
Your name xD
_NiggerPox_ Overlord 6,508 points
this is the video which made me register here. i love seeing dead niggers.
+16 votes
Jul 4, 2022
are17 Landed Knights 178,965 points
Funny NiggerPox, An invisible disease that will go through inside the pregnant's belly and make them a niglet and becoming a wild nigger
Hyyu_098 99 points
Ethan go do your homework
chingchongvirus 65 points
definitely bro
Kind of weird how BLM never screams for justice for gang shit like this huh
+17 votes
Jul 6, 2022
anonymouswon Beginner 162 points
BLM comes from pale people
fluffy 33 points
What a pussy. He sure can be tough when he is out causing havoc, but when he is attacked, he hides behind his buddies to save his ass. I'd love to be a member of that "gang".
+15 votes
Jul 6, 2022
TRTRTRTR03 Extreme Poster 729 points
Those fucking nigga ass gang members gonna put them all on a fucking island and fucking nuke them
+14 votes
Jul 13, 2022
JackHammer Intermediate 1,487 points
Store Owner: ayy come back here ! one of them is still alive !! Hahahahahahaha
+12 votes
Jul 29, 2022
VikiSan Omega 18,303 points
Nigger are backstabbers
+9 votes
Aug 23, 2022
mr_gutsty_official Experienced 307 points
Bro, these niggas fucking hiding lmao, that one dude in the cap he was ight
+11 votes
Aug 23, 2022
British Nazi Beginner 202 points
He dead now ☝️☝️☝️
cringgydog 27 points
lmao them monkeys were probably best friends and he used him as a shield just like all niggers lmfao just scummy and will betray their own  
+11 votes
Dec 4, 2022
iiEliotx 17 points
no because yo= also wouldnt wnna die right?  stfu white vanilla mayonaisee albino monkey
Raspberry cookie 41 points
Rlly living up to your user huh??
Serralis Overlord 6,685 points
Everybody's Gangsta until Uncle Sam's shootings everywhere
+7 votes
Jan 15, 2023
i812many 47 points
All his buddies get shot and the first thing he does is check for any new texts
+8 votes
Jan 16, 2023
Yucky Lord Paramount 350,896 points