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Woman Fatally Stabbed In Fight
Women started to use knife in their fights.
89,273 views Jul 2, 2022

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Tarrant Omega 19,781 points
+10 votes
Jul 2, 2022
NEWBIE Overlord 6,031 points
I'm going for a pee pee break now
+12 votes
Jul 2, 2022
Overlord 5,487 points
Have fun
SmallTestine Famous 4,304 points
U done?
Overlord 5,487 points
Women cant fight
+6 votes
Jul 2, 2022
lukamodricsbrother 8 points
yet ur ass crys when ur mom gives u a whooping for finding furry r34 on ur ipad
JGMOJO67 The Boss 26,027 points
Is killing a nigger even really a crime?
+10 votes
Jul 2, 2022
SmallTestine Famous 4,304 points
Yes! It's animal abuse!
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 1,604 points
OHHHHHHHH SNAP ! That was brilliant my friend
lukamodricsbrother 8 points
is killing u really a crime? no, cuz u fucking deserve it ugly ass pink hair morbidly obese looking ass bitch
asianwomenworshiper Well-Known 955 points
the way she withdrew that kinfe was badass
+4 votes
Jul 2, 2022
ratgrl777 Beginner 216 points
what the fuck is ur username
ShyTransCat Overlord 6,308 points
Um Bongo
+6 votes
Jul 2, 2022
chancho Omega 15,921 points
some cities are so dangerous the hookers are standing in the corner holding knives
+7 votes
Jul 3, 2022
mymelodyzzz 76 points
it’s smart, they fuck some niggas, they get the money and then they cut them niggas penis of and sell them
KMDisciples67 Omega 17,213 points
They ain't liein bitches be shootin out here too
+6 votes
Jul 3, 2022
It's me Mario Overlord 5,452 points
hahahaha usual day in the niggerland
+8 votes
Jul 3, 2022
are17 Grandmaster 171,231 points
They be like, ay wtf gurl. You go jail for dat.
+10 votes
Jul 4, 2022
zoran Veteran 13,112 points
I really really miss you are17 please come back
are17 Grandmaster 171,231 points
hello my child
zoran Veteran 13,112 points
Hi sweetie (⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)
UwU-Apartments Experienced 372 points
makes you ... not want to attack random people at night
+5 votes
Jul 19, 2022
pissoff 28 points
No loss here !
+4 votes
Dec 4, 2022
Serralis Overlord 6,185 points
Motherfuckaholic neighborhoods stabbing bitches in a deadliest tenthfuckstershire quarter
+4 votes
Jan 15
Melanie Martinez Experienced 269 points
+3 votes
Jan 23
Bobby The Blade Advanced 2,784 points
Oh well, act like a chimpanzee around a wort hog, and this is what happens.
+4 votes
Feb 1
That Nazi boi 65 points
+2 votes
Feb 9
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 1,604 points
Fucking niggers and mexicunts, there’s just no end to these sub humans, Jews are the worst of the bunch because they use the dark races to do their bidding.
+1 vote
Feb 11
SandNiggerHunter Advanced 2,909 points
Only reason she ran was because she realised the all you can eat buffet will close soon lol
0 votes
Feb 17
catboypatrickbateman Well-Known 867 points
Another dead cunt
0 votes
Feb 25
English Neo Nazi Well-Known 825 points
good job
0 votes
Apr 4
Yucky Landed Knights 219,164 points