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Stupid Human Burn Dog Alive
No further info about this media.
42,208 views Mar 16, 2018

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hicks Level 1 57 points
Asians not humans,but subhumans.At least kill it first,you miserable cunts!
+2 votes
May 22, 2019
SweetCandy9 Level 3 5,178 points
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–2 votes
Apr 18, 2021
Sniper King Level 1 448 points
+2 votes
Jul 14, 2021
Randalll Smith
Humans is so fucking cold heart is people like them makes the world a bad place
+2 votes
Jul 16, 2021
I’d like to see someone start with their mother and work all the way down to their children burning each one up.  Obviously your mother didn’t raise you right, why continue those genetics? These cockroaches eat dogs, have dog leather as a trade, we need to bomb these fkn lowlifes-they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of the world. SOMEONE NEEDS TO REMOVE ALL THESE VIDEOS FROM THIS SITE.
–2 votes
Nov 16, 2021
Xotoxic Level 1 55 points
Go back to youtube if you don't want to watch these kind of videos, fucking nigger.
Lobito_33_jose Level 1 0 points
Osea puedes ver a gente a muriendo y siendo torturada y ahi por que no te quejas idiota
Xotoxic Level 1 55 points
Lol, I guess chinks need to eat too.
–1 vote
Jan 11
Fckedgykidsincomment Level 1 6 points
I see no difference man, you people kill animals for food too and in life on average you've killed 7000 animals...
0 votes
4 days ago
Leo Level 5 16,810 points
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