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Insane Footage Of Metal Railing Through Head
Happened recently in Argentina or Uruguay - location contradiction in this case. No further information or images found. Comments below if you have any information about this.
8,970 views Jun 8, 2017

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Billknight Level 1 256 points
Nice head accessory, a cup holder
–1 vote
Oct 9, 2017
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,521 points
Holy shit how the fuck did this person survive that accident lol. I'd tell them to euthanize me then and there
+1 vote
Feb 26, 2021
SweetCandy98 Level 2 2,750 points
My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now(21980):
0 votes
Apr 22, 2021
Batshitcrazy Level 1 146 points
Lot of shit missing there.
0 votes
Sep 2, 2021
Alpha_Kenny_Body Level 1 225 points
why do they try to keep them alive, there gonna die inevitably so why make them suffer through the pain
0 votes
Sep 4, 2021
Real_Misanthrope Level 2 2,936 points
Just end this person's misery.
0 votes
Nov 29, 2021
BahTheSheep Level 1 51 points
Does anyone know why all the cartel/dismemberment videos are down, including GHOST RIDER TOO!!!! I never saved the videos, can one of you guys please  repost?
0 votes
Nov 29, 2021
BahTheSheep Level 1 51 points
How the fuck are they going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again?
0 votes
Dec 2, 2021
Leo Level 5 16,834 points
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