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What a shitty mom
17,250 views Jun 8

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Serial Killer Omega 21,290 points
+11 votes
Jun 8
are17 No-Life 107,774 points
bruh this retarded mom is letting her son smoking some cigarettes, When your mom is a cigarette addict. They will force you to smoke some cigarettes. I've seen families like this.
+13 votes
Jun 8
Billthebutcher Famous 3,181 points
That's definitely weed
are17 No-Life 107,774 points
ok that's even worse.
SmallTestine Advanced 2,793 points
Haha, yes, especially in germany u see that a lot
Kurt Kurt Overlord 6,326 points
This would not happen if Hitler had won
+9 votes
Jun 8
NaziMolester__antifa Intermediate 1,365 points
you are right.. hitler and his methed out soldiers would have OD'd on all the drugs before this lady had the chance to give to her daughter
TURMPFCUKEDGAOTS Natural Addict 7,185 points
White Trash colonizer
+7 votes
Jun 9
Kurt Kurt Overlord 6,326 points
That's it, i'm gonna whip you again
Omega 15,739 points
Very sad
+10 votes
Jul 26
BadgerFromTheYNC Overlord 6,097 points
third world monkeys
+7 votes
Jul 26
M0mmyMaiyanna Addicted 1,936 points
Id kill her
+8 votes
Jul 26
Lucifah Intermediate 1,464 points
She gonna pass her around pretty soon. Sick bitch.
+7 votes
Jul 26
hunnids Overlord 6,872 points
Posted by Argentinian Police, so I'm assuming she's doing time now.
+6 votes
Jul 27
Turd Ferguson Overlord 5,477 points
Fucking degenerate cunt giving her child weed. She deserves to be raped by dogs and skinned alive. Give the kid to a good home so it has a chance.
+7 votes
Jul 27
Qasab Extreme Poster 567 points
What kind of a sick mother would give weed to her possibly 6 year old daughter this is beyond psychopathy
+6 votes
Jul 28
B4CKEND Addicted 2,139 points
In Burma we say "Ngar Loe Ma Thar; Min Aung Hlaing"
+3 votes
Jul 28
diedinjuly Famous 3,759 points
booo if cigarette yaay if weed
┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
+3 votes
Jul 29
Cornuto 47 points
It must be a gypsy woman with her gypsy child
+3 votes
Jul 29
Combo_Gascoigne 76 points
That little girl is going to make one helluva drug mule one day.
+3 votes
Jul 29
Goodguy Experienced 411 points
+2 votes
Aug 1
Bill cosby Beginner 166 points
Cracker women like this make me disgusted to be white.
+2 votes
Aug 1
mrcrispy Famous 3,815 points
Fucking nasty woman should be jailed
+1 vote
Aug 3
GrimReaper_Mars 14 points
Made an account just to tell you I like your profile pic.
TheDevilsAngel The Boss 33,837 points
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