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Prisoners Getting a Dripping Fire Torture Before 1 is Forced to Eat His Fingers
A few hours after being admitted to cell B of the state police in in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela two prisoners were brutally murdered by other inmates, last Thursday night.

Hugo Diaz Victor Zapata, 30, and Jesus Enmanuel Marchan (25) hands and feet were tied and then beaten, stabbed and dismembered by other cellmates. Both were incarcerated for the murder of a 7 year old boy, who was kidnapped on May 7 in Lido Beach Dairy.

Police sources said that the two men were being held in the brig B at 6:00 pm on Thursday and two hours later a brawl began where inmates armed with daggers, knives and machetes turned their anger towards the 2 men.

They cut their feet, then the legs and arms, before removing their heads. In addition they were forced to eat their own fingers. Also plastic was set on fire that dripped on their bodies for torture.

They said the heinous crime ended in the early morning hours yesterday, but the bodies were removed from the cells in the morning during the time of counting the inmates.

At 9:00 am last Friday their remains were transported in five black bags to the morgue and hospital in Barcelona.

Zapata was known as "skinny", while Marchan was known as "bird without shadow."

Forensic experts examined the bodies of each of them to make identification tests and perform autopsy. They also found fingers, they were forced to eat, in their stomach.

Although none of the authorities provided information on what happened at the headquarters of Police Coordination Center (CPC) of Puerto La Cruz, it was learned that the investigation initiated inquiries.

A detainee named Miguel Angel Perez (22), who was allegedly forced by other prisoners to plead guilty. If he didn't he would face the same treatment that Victor and Jesus got. Supposedly that given order came from Barcelona criminal Puente Ayala.
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