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Remember he was a piggy
6,800 views May 24

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Serial Killer Omega 18,753 points
Funny asf
+5 votes
May 24
Overlord 4,660 points
Serial Killer Omega 18,753 points
What? lol
RadioActivv 33 points
Jacob Addicted 2,117 points
+3 votes
May 24
Guvnor Intermediate 1,022 points
Never mind,
+1 vote
May 25
sharkme Addicted 1,804 points
Was he beating someone on the ground ?
+2 votes
May 25
Ivan Intermediate 1,066 points
His dead wife most likely... it's a national past time in turkey.
Overlord 4,660 points
Fuck man, this sucks. Life is unfair.
+1 vote
May 25
Overlord 4,660 points
Femboys are hot tho
Incognito23 Experienced 375 points
@Kepster Imagine that there are even people who seek Luka's approval on their comments. Grown men seeking this weird kids approval. This world and the people living in it never cease to amaze me. Guess I have to count my lucky stars I'm not them.
solitary Intermediate 1,005 points
sometimes you just needa commit suicide if life gets too complicated in some situations
+1 vote
May 25
Incognito23 Experienced 375 points
If you're asking me, do it.
solitary Intermediate 1,005 points
TheDevilsAngel The Boss 26,705 points
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