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May 15 People's House in the First Village of Longfengxu, Puqian Town, Wenchang City, Hainan A "special fire" occurred A man drunk knocked down the kerosene lamp on the table Causes fire and burns to the body Shimou, 39, who was burned, was born in Houtang Village, Longfeng Village Committee, Puqian, Wenchang City, and built a one-story building in Longfeng Market. At 8 a.m. on the 15th, Shimou's family suddenly smelled of smoke and burning smell, accompanied by screams. The neighbor ran in and looked frightened. Shimou's upper body was full of flames, and he was rolling on the floor in pain. The neighbor quickly helped put out the fire. After the incident, his wife Wang Mou, who was working outside, rushed home after hearing the news and saw the burnt Shi Mou crying. Wang said that her husband loves to drink, and the drink knocked down the kerosene lamp on the table. The oil poured from the head and caused a fire. On May 16, the reporter saw in Shi Mou's house, Shi Mou's face, back, / p> The villager said that Shi ’s family is not good. He married early at the age of 16 and his life was not going well. In recent years, he has lost money in raising pigs and frogs. His grandson was just born. " "Drinking three meals a day, he was injured by alcohol." Deng Dabo, secretary of the party branch of the Longfeng Village Committee, told reporters that Shimou had a long history of alcoholism. It is understood that after Deng Dabo reported the experience of Shimou to the Puqian Town Government, the relevant person in charge of the Puqian Town Government came to visit Shimou and offered a 5,000 yuan relief fund. At present, Shi Mou is in serious condition and needs high medical expenses, and urgently needs social assistance.
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