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Removing Leftovers of Crushed Biker That Was Run Over by a Dump Truck
I.R.F, 24, was killed tragically with his body totally destroyed after being involved in an accident where he was being crushed by a dump truck yesterday morning.

Police told there had been an accident between a Honda KTR motorcycle and a Mitsubishi Fuso dump truck. As a result of the accident, a motorbiker named I. died in a pathetic condition.

Police told that this accident occurred at around 10:00 A.M. At first I, who rode the motorcycle moved from North to South and when turning left near the a bridge, suddenly he lost control and took the right lane.

As a result, the motorbike was immediately lined up with a tronton truck driven by B. who was moving in the opposite direction from South to North. I. immediately fell and was crushed by a tyre so his body was destroyed.

He was suspected of riding his motorcycle at high speed and could not control the speed of his motorcycle. So the victim was grazed and crushed by a truck, Police said.

In the incident, I. died in a condition of blisters and cuts on the head, broken ribs, right hand blisters, broken left hand, stomach contents came out and crushed scattered, and left and right legs separated.
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