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Quartered and Beheaded Hitman While Alive
Karma Catches Up to Hitman, he Quartered and Beheaded While Alive by Zetas Cartel.
296,017 views May 18, 2017
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mark Level 5 17,984 points
demn...they should do this fast :(
0 votes
May 27, 2017
theredwatercomesout Level 1 40 points
To be fair with other videos it was quite fast. Sharp knife at least. Brazilians get the blunt machete lol
cocobram Level 1 2 points
I hope someday that cartels al going die. fucking scum they are. cowards you hear. There is one thing, nuke those cartels,
+1 vote
May 17, 2018
YeLLoWcAkE238 Level 1 118 points
live by the sword die by the sword.
As a species we are still chopping up one another with pieces of sharpened metal.
our capacity for cruelty has never been evolutionarily smoothed out.
and now everything is watched by everybody so fast we see the cruelty in bloody HD
when i was a kid i could never have guessed or dreamed about almost instant access to all the worlds combined knowledge and footage , kinda glad im still around to see it.
+1 vote
Feb 5, 2019
meatsaw12345 Level 1 47 points
They could do a lot neater job, I don't agree with this shit but fuck take pride in your work, whatever it is that you do. Invest in a nice wet stone, better machete's keep those blades razor sharp, with time and skill you could have those machete's so sharp it would take little effort on teir part to slice through long pig meat and skin. I know they probably rather have them dull for extra pain but cutting through that isn't the easiest thing to slice through especially with a dull blade, work smart not hard unless you do porno movies.I damn sure wouldn't kill myself doing something like that if I didn't have to.
+1 vote
Feb 9, 2019
–1 vote
Feb 22, 2019
I can't say I feel too bad for the fellow, he was an assassin himself. He should have known the risk that came with his profession. Still, brutal as hell when he tried to grab his neck with his non existing hands.
+1 vote
Mar 4, 2019
fuckmslm888 Level 1 11 points
retard grops, fuck your zetta, and fuck your mom, fuck this columbian da brazilian people fuck your mom
0 votes
Mar 9, 2019
Hi I’d like the two leg meal to go !
0 votes
May 19, 2019
There is a direct correlation between savagery and race. This is why we see barbaric acts like this in black, Mexican, and other brown skinned communities. They aren’t as far removed from their wild , uncivilized existence as Europeans are, and therefore hundreds, if not thousands of years behind from an evolutionary stand point.  What I’ve just posted is not a troll, but an absolute fact that you won’t hear admitted publicly by anyone for fear of backlash.
0 votes
Nov 13, 2019
that's why i never do this job.
0 votes
Dec 10, 2019
Pink Taco Level 1 54 points
The end was a bit wasteful, don'tcha think? I'm pretty sure he was going anywhere. What without arms, legs, or a freakin' head.
0 votes
May 19
rb Level 5 16,544 points
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