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Absolutely BRUTAL Electric Torture and Beating with a Baseball Bat
Feb. 12 2011.
Video surfaced “brother of Patricia González la piñata”, where various masked men assault a man with a bat and an electric stungun.

The victim is Mario González, brother of former prosecutor for the state of Chihuahua.

Mario González Rodríguez (who is also a lawyer), was kidnapped and murdered in November of last year.

He appears dressed in black, his hands a feet are bound, and a gag has been placed in his mouth with gray tape.

He has electrical elements attached to his feet and he cries out in pain as his assailants turn it on periodically.

With the song “La piñata” playing in the background, the men take turns beating him viciously with a bat.

The original video was signed “el puma original” (the original cougar) and at the end a message appeared: “lo prometido es deuda por si no la cren k soy el de adeveras marranos saludos saludos saludos”.
(Promises must be kept. If you don’t believe I’m the real one, pigs. Greetings, greetings, greetings).

It continues “quitapuercos en Chihuahua” (pig terminator), also by “puma original” and reads: “lo prometido es duda aki está el regalo de san valentin para la ex procu paricia gonzalez con cariño del puma original saludos saludos saludos”, (Promises must be kept, here is your Valentine. For the ex prosecutor Patricia Gonzalez.
With love, Original Puma. Greetings,greetings, greetings).

There were two previous installments of the video last October, and it was advertised that a third video would be released in the near future. All three were published under the same screen name.

In the second video, Mario González made several “confessions”, among them, that former Chihuahua governor José Reyes Baeza and Patricia, his sister and former prosecutor, met with Vicente Carrillo leader of the Juarez cartel in order to plan several executions
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