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Insanely Cold Blooded Murder then Suicide
İ. Ç. (31), who came to her lover's hairdressing saloon in Konak, screamed with horror. C., argued with her lover and brother shot a rifle. Crazed man, then fell on the dying lover committed suicide a couple.

In the Konak district of Izmir, there was a terrible insanity in front of the female hairdressing salon called Queen, operated by the Bilal brothers. Birgül Bilal and Songül Bilal, who were celebrating her birthday two days ago, were having breakfast in front of their shops in the morning. Meanwhile, I. C. (31) came to the hall and began to argue with her lover Birgul Bilal.

Both shot of the man in the bag before the shotgun shot Bilal Bilgül belly. Cani beloved, then shot his lover's brother Songül Bilal. İ. Ç., kneeling to come near the dead body of her lover who killed the rifle pulled the trigger on his chin. All these moments of horror were witnessed by the mother of the unfortunate brothers.

Ege University Hospital, taken under treatment for the life-threatening Songül Bilal said. It was learned that the mother Sultan Bilal and father Nihat Bilal, who witnessed the shooting of their daughters, had a nervous breakdown and were taken to hospital.
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