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Women these days!
3,154 views Jan 14

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Sussy Baka Level 3 5,163 points
This is how Adolf Newsom, his county public health Nazis, his [imaginary] gf punish Nigger_Slayer for not slaying enough niggers!
+2 votes
Jan 14
MAGAis4bitchez Level 1 655 points
Now do Qa-Ron Deathsantis
༒υηκηοωη༒ Level 1 126 points
Baka, this adolf shit is getting old. Don’t you think?
Sussy Baka Level 3 5,163 points
[What im about to say is non-canon] The user "FUCK ADOLF NEWSOM" has been saying this shiz for 2 months, and I dont know how he has the capacity to do so. Its fucking hilarious how every gore vid he has commented  somehow he relates to the politician Gavin Newsom.
༒υηκηοωη༒ Level 1 126 points
Excuse me for speaking without info, keep it up man I’m rooting for you
MAGAis4bitchez Level 1 655 points
I get a good laugh out of your comments Sussy. “FUCK ADOLF NEWSOME” is so fucking stupid he probably thinks you agree with him or are supporting him though lol
༒υηκηοωη༒ Level 1 126 points
No nigger, I can clearly tell he’s talking shit
MAGAis4bitchez Level 1 655 points
I wasn’t talking about you retard. Read it again. I was talking about the user “FUCK ADOLF NEWSOM”
Sussy Baka Level 3 5,163 points
true that guy needs to take his pills, and I too need cuz the more I say this ironically im actually beginning to believe his bullshit
MAGAis4bitchez Level 1 655 points
@Sussy Baka Lol your comments always give me a good laugh though
༒υηκηοωη༒ Level 1 126 points
Oh so you are a nigga, how’s life in poverty? Did anyone you know get killed last year…I cracks myself up
MAGAis4bitchez Level 1 655 points
I’m white. Retard. You’re the one sounding like a nigger seeing as you can’t understand basic English comprehension. I wasn’t fucking referring to you lol
Fuck Adolf Newsom Level 1 877 points
Agreed 100%
AmphibiousEgg Level 2 2,943 points
So they’re actually white under that black skin ?
+2 votes
Jan 14
232Bas Level 1 234 points
+1 vote
Jan 15
shit on cock Level 3 4,734 points
dumb ass nigger gorilla must be happy... she became white !
+1 vote
Jan 16
TheDevilsAngel Level 3 6,761 points
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