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The father of the girl was a policeman and after the guy posted the video of him fucking his daughter online, he shot him
13,114 views Jan 14

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Jacob Level 2 1,609 points
The father should know that his daughter is a  fucking  slut.......
+9 votes
Jan 14
Iampolite777 Level 2 2,057 points
Atleast he did what he never did for last time
+3 votes
Jan 14
Filthy casual
Your daughter is such a slut, she doesn't even make a noise fucking, she will just become a bigger freak to piss you off forevermore
+6 votes
Jan 14
asianwomanworshiper Level 1 67 points
u sure? they said in the video they aren't cops..
and btw his daughter a slut
+4 votes
Jan 14
AmphibiousEgg Level 2 2,943 points
She looks like a friend of mine ……….. wait
+2 votes
Jan 14
Edicius Level 1 161 points
never understood why girls always get the pussypass
+4 votes
Jan 14
Real_Misanthrope Level 2 2,993 points
Fucking cunt.
+4 votes
Jan 14
BubbleGoo Level 1 453 points
I see a trend in CP getting uploaded lately, nice.
+2 votes
Jan 14
Chingzyu34 Level 1 3 points
Seek mental help retard
adesi Level 1 6 points
bruh, she's the one who hold the phone
+3 votes
Jan 14
UrDaughterDoesAnal Level 3 5,322 points
Bullshit story to an old video that has nothing to do with a whore or her father.
–1 vote
Jan 14
there's more to this story. the one who posted this video was the bitch who was 17 at that time. the guy was being searched by the law for various crimes.
+2 votes
Jan 14
Captain Boner Level 1 263 points
When fucking a policemans daughter in Brazil and posting it online.....goes wrong!!! Lol....
+3 votes
Jan 15
shit on cock Level 3 4,734 points
i jerked off to this 4 times now... but i always cumm on the shooting part... NICE !
+1 vote
Jan 16
TheDevilsAngel Level 3 6,761 points
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