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Idiot Trying To Pet The Alligator
Only an idiot tries to caress an alligator, he always finds one and then he bears the terrible consequences
14,461 views Nov 24

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racistbassist Level 1 183 points
Are u fucking stupid, if ur dumb enough to pet the alligator u deserve to get eaten
+6 votes
Nov 24
AllTogetherNow Level 1 24 points
FightForWhatsWhite Level 1 60 points
you know that gator must have been hungry if it resorted to eating Indian XD
0 votes
Nov 24
Omg- he could have easily been saved! This guy was only bitten on the hand, if one of his homies would have grabbed ahold of him…he’d be alive, only missing a few digits-
+1 vote
Nov 24
rawdawg Level 1 396 points
His homies did the math.  Gator got the bonus plan.
Butt-head Level 1 525 points
Lol you dumbass!! xD
–2 votes
Nov 24
Real_Misanthrope Level 1 627 points
And the Darwin awards go to... Stupid Indian Guy!
+2 votes
Nov 24
racistbassist Level 1 183 points
So fucking true
HateforAll4547 Level 1 16 points
What did you think was gonna happen,  BHENCHODES
+1 vote
Nov 24
Tanel Level 1 750 points
Dumb fuck.Too bad he didn't die.Sometimes the natural selection isn't working it seems.
0 votes
Nov 25
Cheeki Breeki Level 1 72 points
He thinks he's a Florida man, gator says no
0 votes
Nov 26
Yucky Level 2 1,363 points
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