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Night Club Customer Beaten By Bouncer
Bouncer Goes Too Far In Porto, Portugal..meanwhile, other people just watching the bouncer beat the customer.
4,840 views 5 days ago

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shit on cock Level 2 2,023 points
thats why you need to know the guy better before asking him to shit on your cock... I know , I learned it the hard way
+3 votes
5 days ago
The bouncer on another site was made to seem unprovoked in the title, yet it was clear that man was in his face while being fake polight and slightly challenging to the bouncer.
Bouncers know there's no such thing as A fair fight, so nearly kill the other guy fast and first to win.
If volatile irrationally in temperament that idiot that came in yelling at him like "wtf is wrong with you" would have been fight number 2.
0 votes
5 days ago
Violent crime = jail sentence.
Nothing justifies physical reaction on verbal insult. If verbal then verbal. If physical violence then physical reaction.
+1 vote
5 days ago
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,337 points
Fuckin bouncers always gotta go a step further.. this is why I take pride in all the bouncers that have made a part of my little history book
0 votes
4 days ago
Fuck the tyrant "health officers"
If this was in the North Korea of the western hemisphere led by Adolf Newsom, he would send his county public health nazis to arrest everyone for not wearing face diapers or showing proof of the jab. Fuck Adolf Newsom and all his tyrant nazi piece of shit motherrfuckers known as "health officers" as if they think they're cops. Those assholes can all go to hell.
+1 vote
13 hours ago
mark Level 7 41,122 points
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