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Girl Crashed To Death On A Rope Jumping Attraction In Karaganda
The girl performed an extreme jump from the roof on a rope jumping attraction and crashed to her death in Karaganda, reports with reference to Novy Vestnik .

According to the newspaper, a 33-year-old woman from Karaganda jumped from the roof of the Sozvezdiye hotel. The jump height was 30 meters.
The woman was taken to the Makazhanov Multidisciplinary Hospital in an extremely serious condition: with severe traumatic brain injury, intracerebral hematoma, cerebral edema, traumatic shock. She was urgently operated on. Performed craniotomy, removal of the hematoma. Despite the ongoing medical measures, the woman died, the newspaper writes.
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Honky kong Level 1 727 points
Lol bungee assisted suicide
+4 votes
6 days ago
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
Even knowing this mature slavic feminine was a kafir, very dumb one at that too, you can't deny she was pretty fucking hot in appearance, for 33. If her corpse was to be left lying there alone I would not even hesitate to approach and sexually abuse it. Dunno if that was some kind of weird way of suiciding but she may as well be of use after she's dead, not like she'd mind it. Personally I find the arm twitching once she crashes kinda adorable
0 votes
6 days ago
wtf is wrong with you
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
Ask like all registered members of this site that lol
Sussy Baka Level 1 422 points
Certified serial killer right here
Serial rapist maybe
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
I would never rape a woman lol that's very low and vile of someone to do imo. Having intercourse with their dead body is not rape by any means as they have nothing against it, you're basically fucking decomposing biological meat not a person
You do know the human body tends to evacuate the bowels and bladder upon death, don't you kid? But if a cold dead shitty female is the only way you can get laid, have at it. If anything it sounds like you are just saying shit for attention. Nothing more than a troll.
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
Well even if so, it doesn't happen fucking instantly as they die, does it now? And I don't give two fucks about attention nor do I troll. Think what you want. Also not too sure who you're referring to as "kid". Is there any here who haven't even reached adolescence yet? Kinda doubt it. I'm turning 20 in March quitting being a teen even let alone kid. If anything it just seems like you're attempting to be some kind of omniscient scholar who has come to this site to teach and preach people lmao. Probly just another fuckwit thinking he's actually worth a big deal, don't think so highly of yourself cause no one does
shit on cock Level 2 2,029 points
I buy you PS5 if you shit on my cock... Last offer !
booyaa325 Level 1 16 points
does Islam permit that? hahahah
I would never go bungee jumping. A broken rubber brought me into this world, and its not going to take me out.
+1 vote
6 days ago
Arianna Level 1 648 points
0 votes
5 days ago
Butt-head Level 1 117 points
Lol dumbass x)
0 votes
4 days ago
NiggerKiller Level 1 0 points
When pigs fly
+1 vote
3 days ago
mark Level 7 41,125 points
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