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Man Stabs His Ex-Wife To Death Rocorded In Cctv
Aparecida de Goiânia , Brazil
5,443 views Sep 26

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viagra Level 1 708 points
0 votes
Sep 26
FightForWhatsWhite Level 1 62 points
I was thinking this was going to be fucked up but it was totally justified XDXD
+1 vote
Sep 27
Batshitcrazy Level 1 146 points
looks like she probably deserved it the fat ass bitch.
+1 vote
Sep 27
Marilyn Level 1 889 points
she deserved it
+3 votes
Sep 27
shit on cock Level 3 4,492 points
Good... Power to the Patriarchy... fat bitch !
+1 vote
Sep 27
Tanel Level 1 754 points
Bitch probably derved it.Pushing the bike like that.
+1 vote
Sep 27
Level 2 1,084 points
Legendary wheel of karma B)
–1 vote
Sep 27
She didn't deserve it.. we all do stupid shit but she asked for it. Ppl need to think before doing stupid shit. Just like he should have. Now he is gonna spend the rest of his life in prison.
–2 votes
Sep 27
SuuLove Level 1 102 points
That blood gushing out her neck was pretty satisfying.
–1 vote
Oct 2
June harris
I must have missed the nag screen saying "Only the brain dead can post here".
–1 vote
Oct 18
mark Level 7 42,574 points
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