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Female Beheading in Mexico
17yr old woman beheaded by cartel members as retaliation for the execution of Commandante Gallo. Screaming, begging, and soiling of pants aplenty.

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Billknight Level 1 213 points
She had a bad hair day
+11 votes
Nov 19, 2017
mark Level 7 32,505 points
hahahaha that the first side i see
georgeforeman804 Level 1 1 point
You have to be white. Only whites think death and chaos is funny.
iopuioyuioipo Level 1 5 points
You must be a nigger. Only niggers are dumber than baboon shit and have mindless thought-processes that lead to retarded comments like yours. Why don't you get back to selling your crack so you can get shot to death as only a subhuman fucking nigger deserves.
georgeforeman804 Level 1 1 point
Lol you honestly think typing nigger online is offensive kid? It is just a word. It has no meaning. But you white males are low life faggots who love to molest little kids. Probably because you have 2 inch dicks. You love to shoot up schools. Probably because you have 2 inch dicks and you can't keep border hoppers from taking over your country. That is offensive. But if you honestly think typing nigger is offensive then you should go out , shoot up a concert. Make sure the concert is filled with whites. Then kill yourself.
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 8 points
georgeforeman804 Well, nigger you clearly were offended enough to type up a mini paragraph explaining as to why you're not offended. Stop being a big lipped coon and go hang yourself.
FuckWhatAmIDoing Level 1 14 points
I mean im not white or black and i think its funny so how about this has nothing to do with race.
Kami1991 Level 1 4 points
I  know right, go get him
livingmikemare Level 1 9 points
Fuckin animals.
+6 votes
Mar 19, 2018
YeLLoWcAkE238 Level 1 134 points
do others here feel worse when its a female getting murdered?
i think i do ,  probably just old fashioned or am i off the mark and it makes no difference?
i will pray for her. for them all.
iopuioyuioipo Level 1 5 points
I don't feel anything. These drug-dealing, subhuman pieces of shit all need to be slaughtered for the good of the human race.
Damn, seventeen years old and she had to go through that. Must have been scary as hell for her. RIP.
0 votes
Mar 4, 2019
iopuioyuioipo Level 1 5 points
She was fucking beheaded, so what the fuck do you think, retard?
fuckmslm888 Level 1 10 points
fuck mexicans, fuckin demons, fuck mexica and brazilia, u all die fuckin demons
0 votes
Mar 9, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 93 points
piss off it was only a fucking female u hetero str8 bastard,plenty more unfortunatly
This is sickening, my hands are literally shaking. Why would you behead an attractive woman? You'd do wonders for your race if you kept her for breeding and just behead the ugly ones.
+1 vote
Apr 28, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 93 points
piss of u filthy hetero bastard
Kami1991 Level 1 4 points
Shit eating faggot is a name quite fitting for you
0 votes
Aug 1, 2019
Mr x
Cowardly cartel fuck for you cartel man
+1 vote
Dec 3, 2019
Dounkg Level 1 65 points
Speak and end
+1 vote
Dec 16, 2019
What the fuck happened? She didn’t even do anything
+1 vote
Dec 18, 2019
thats what you get for being brazilian
+1 vote
Jan 5, 2020
milanscr Level 1 4 points
damn its always mexico or some shit lmao.
+2 votes
Jan 10, 2020
DontFollowMe, thanks
Pussy pass denied!
+2 votes
Mar 7, 2020
Those guys are Not humans any more, even animals are about them, only souless bodies
+1 vote
May 8, 2020
Thirstyfuck88 Level 1 9 points
Wow, first time beheading someone?
+2 votes
Jun 9, 2020
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0 votes
Aug 6, 2020
Does anyone know her name or any of her social medias such as facebook or instagram? Something I love to do after watching these is to hit the victims up to see what their friends and family has to say about it.
+1 vote
Jan 28
Slumerica Level 1 834 points
Its this a new version of that bop it game..... Slice it.... Twist it..... Slice it..... Hack it..... Twist it...... Chop it..... Twist it
+1 vote
Mar 12
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Apr 21
rb Level 5 17,004 points
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