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Amogus got beaten for raping to women
Look at this dirty scumbag, his name is amogus he is a serial rapist, this man is love to rape women so he captures innocent women or girls and rape them police and locals are looking for this pervert for months but unable to capture him but finally locals caught him red handed on the spot when he's trying to rape a defenseless woman
11,937 views Aug 4

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0 votes
Aug 4
Tre-Way Level 1 36 points
+1 vote
Aug 4
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,382 points
The guy says "presunto violador" which means alleged rapist. The family of the victim is going around whipping him so he learns not to try doing that again. Seems kinda weak after watching Brazilians eat their own ears
+1 vote
Aug 4
Marilyn Level 1 889 points
they should've killed him
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 519 points
@theredwatercomesout sorry for the wrong description I knows it before but I decided to write in a different way so it's gives a new flavor in it anyways I correct the description so just chill by the way I'm not Brazilian and I don't understand this language either
woman of color
i hate gay people a lot
Marilyn Level 1 889 points
no one asked
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 519 points
@woman of color I hate religious people a lot
Fuck Adolf Newsom Level 1 49 points
this can't be Brazil because the language in the video sounds more like Spanish than Brazillian Portuguese.
Marilyn Level 1 889 points
red is kinda sus
0 votes
Aug 4
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 519 points
What is sus?
Marilyn Level 1 889 points
it's an old meme
So sussy
–1 vote
Aug 6
Seems like he is faking it. Someone needs to donate a baseball bat.
0 votes
Aug 7
Butt-head Level 1 539 points
This guy got whipped by family members for molesting a girl/woman. He says he was drunk. He has a daughter of his own.
0 votes
Oct 14
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 519 points
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