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African monkeys burning minor boys
This shit is happening everywhere in Africa daily but sadly no one have a guts to raise voice against this cruelty, no one deserves this kind of brutality look at these boys they are even minors, how could these fucking people do this kind of torture to any human being, absolutely sadistic and brutal, shame on these evil monsters, after all what we expected to these religious morons except hate, violence, intolerance, cruelty, gore and torture, religious people hates everyone who sounds, acts, behave, lives or born differently like gays, lesbians, transgenders, asexuals, bisexuals, tourists, foreigners, liberals, handicaps, eunuchs, foodies, emos, gamers, outsiders, austists, whites and hobos etc and all of us are being killed, persecuted, tortured, humiliated and hated by the religious scumbags all around the world even I'm the victim of religious fanatism so sad
14,788 views May 11

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I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
You hate us for what? What we did? Did we kill or torture anyone? Actually you guys doing such brutal things, so hate yourselves, you hate us just because of we deny to marry, we deny to be a wife's slave, we deny to help her in her house work, we deny to work day and night for wives, we deny to producing babies so much, we deny to less eat, less sex, less sleep and we deny to give money to women that's why you hate us not just because of we doing sex with same gender, actually you hate us because of your jealousy and ego issues, why you can't hate abortionists who killed their babies inside their wombs, why you can't hate drug paddlers, cigarettes makers and alcohol sellers because of them millions of people die daily in cancer and in other diseases, why you can't hate those heterosexual males who doing anal sex to their wives and girlfriends, why you can't hate those males who doing sex with their aunts, mothers, sisters, daughters and nieces and why you can't hate those terrorists who killing innocent people by beheading, lynching, burning alive, stoning and by doing bomb blasts however millions of people die in terrorist activities every week etc did they can't racist to you, did they can't terrorists to you and did they can't doing unnatural things? At least we can't doing such nasty things we're simply just enjoying our lives we can't harm, torture or kill anyone unlike those people & Come on ask yourselves and stop your hypocrisy, there are millions of people around the world who never ever married and neither have babies and also millions of heterosexual couples exists who unable to producing babies I know many of them personally, so my point is this, does world's population going down or end because of such people, why are you homophobes are so insecure regarding population, you guys are totally delusionals, this world's population never going to ends you idiots so don't worry and grow up and stop assuming men and women as a child producing machine
+2 votes
May 11
Strawberry_Blood Level 1 72 points
Exactly! LGBTQ+ individuals like myself and individuals that don't want to be married are people too
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
I'm extremely happy to see you again here, you are a such a nice girl and I'm totally agree with you, homophobes are nothing but a monsters
Strawberry_Blood Level 1 72 points
This is why I'm an atheist, because nowadays people are always trying to force their religion onto you and that's not fucking ok.
TL;DR: I agree with you ReligiousPigToDaHELL
+3 votes
May 11
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
You are right honey I'm totally agree with you unfortunately any homophobic or religious scumbag down vote your precious comment I wish and hope he/she would die in cancer by the way thanks for your truthful comment buddy and have fun with lesbians & have a good day
PeOplE aRe AlwAyS tRyinG t0 FoRCe tHeIr r3LiGiOn oNt0 yOu. You're trying to force others to like/follow in a shitty community that oppress bisexual individuals. Fuck that!
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
What are you talking about? We can't force anyone you idiot in fact you force others to like/follow in your shit religions that oppress religious terrorists fuck that! We can't force anyone for anything, we just want that people at least leave us alone and stop persecuting us, how we could force anyone however we are in minority we're just 16 to 17% in this world and you feel insecure because of us how rude and mean you guys are, you force everyone for marriage and producing babies and forcing people in different ways and in different things, read my description and comment wisely and then think about it deeply and then open your mouth you mindless dominating hateful jerk and I'm not bisexual you idiot you are completely retard, you homophobes torturing, persecuting and eliminating us everywhere and you blame us that we force others what a crap, this is the most dumbest thing I ever heard, you hp are absolute liars, fuck off you motherfuckers and don't come into my videos I extremely hate you homophobic monsters you hate us so we hate you more tit for tat go and get lost in your fake imaginary world of religion and never come back
Osservatore Level 1 7 points
Mio padre era gay e l'ho amato fino alla sua morte. Adoro la sensibilità,l'intelligenza e la gentilezza di tutti i gay. Ti sono vicino,amico.
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
Grazie per il tuo adorabile amico commento e mi dispiace per la perdita di tuo padre, ma non preoccuparti amico perché ora si sta godendo la sua vita gay in paradiso con i suoi amici gay e vive lì per l'eternità
Jungili Level 1 114 points
I'm antheist
SweetCandy98 Level 3 3,092 points
My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now(17232):
+1 vote
May 12
DNo one cares
uglytoelickingslut -2 points
this shit is so fucking amazing, ugly nigger monkeys.
–4 votes
May 12
Conservative Slayer Level 1 38 points
this shit is so fucking inhuman,
ugly homophobic monkeys.
Marine raider0311 Level 1 0 points
Listen hear you need to go back to school you don’t even know the true Definition of the word nigger it actually means ignorant you fucking dumb fuck go get some education fucking stupid people make no fucking sense before you say anything about me I’m a African-American that is currently serving as a United States marine raider 2nd battalion with degrees and I have my pilot licenses what are you doing with your fucking life probably getting gangbang by some small dick fuck boys
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
@Marineraider031 Why so rude you dumb idiot? Am I says anything to you? If nigger means something else than why your ass hurts? I'm not a top you idiot I'm a bottom and you have no rights to say anything about my life just mind your own business you homophobic turd
Awesome video!!! Truly proves what savages niggers are and why they need to be shipped back to Africa. I enjoyed watching those niggers burn. Would’ve been better if they were nigglets. I would love to see nigglets get necklaced. It would give me so much pleasure. I hate niggers
–1 vote
3 days ago
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
So sad that how much hate filled in your heart for such people, I remember one point you admit that you also a nigger then what happened now? How could you bark against your own community like that? It's called hypocrisy lmao I wish you also burn like them so you may feel their pain you heartless sob, I would love to see you motherfuckers gets impaled, it would give me so much pleasure, I hate conservatives
I bet he’s not the only heartless SOB on this website. You’ll find there’s so many other hateful people on sites like this in the comments
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 512 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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