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Important Update!

Man dies from electric shock while retrieving set of keys
An indian man was trying to remove a set of keys caught on a wire in front of his house with a mop, but the electric current flowed through his body through the mop and he died instantly. It seems that he did not consider the risk of an electric shock...
3,108 views Nov 25

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TheDevilsAngel CEO 67,736 points
Keys are never worth dieing for lols
+2 votes
Nov 25
theredwatercomesout Famous 3,764 points
i almost did this yesterday, lucky after wearing gloves i used a hand voltage tester to see if the current still went through and it did.. can't trust equipment
+1 vote
Nov 25
Homunculus_ Extreme Poster 743 points
That idiot! I learned those were electric in the fourth grade, he could've at least been wearing rubber gloves or something geez.
0 votes
Nov 25
GR Beginner 172 points
What is this re-upload Friday? Jesus
0 votes
Nov 25
Bob Dobbs Experienced 388 points
"If you ever drop your keys in molten lava, just forget about them, man, they're gone."
0 votes
Nov 26
Crimnt Extreme Poster 558 points
Why do Indians and Mexicans always think they know what they're doing?
0 votes
Nov 26
sayaksark Addicted 2,005 points
what an idiot...mop could be wet, steel rod could be there  inside the
mop...but he had to be the hero
0 votes
Nov 26
Lonerzepam Famous 3,734 points

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