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Onigiri Challenge(30 second rice ball challenge)

rice bitch choking to death. rip. such a bad way to go.

9,916 views Nov 10, 2022

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Gay Anal Fisting Addicted 2,219 points
I can't make up my mind about Japanese people, they're very educated and technologically advanced yet they're dumb af
+2 votes
Nov 10, 2022
grief27 Overlord 5,753 points
i agree.
A-Merica is a shithole
Fuck yourself american scum faggot
Rachele Overlord 6,779 points
I think many countries are shithole.. Not only US.
bloodybunnyyooo 62 points
Yeah America fucking sucks I agree they are all shitheads, but bro is right
TheDevilsAngel Hacker 92,856 points
Eww she needs to be a lady!!!
+2 votes
Nov 10, 2022
Rice is one of the most healthful foods you can eat, a little ironic don't you think?
0 votes
Nov 10, 2022
Saysumptin Overlord 4,929 points
First you need the technique of swallowing.
+1 vote
Nov 10, 2022
Serralis Overlord 6,542 points
Senpai, you have to fucking eat slowly before you motherfucking choke!
0 votes
Nov 24, 2022
BeReal Experienced 377 points
this is what should happen to every "influencer" on this planet and world would be a better place.
0 votes
Jan 26
Mr. Magoo Famous 4,275 points
Ain't they supposed to be smart?
+4 votes
Apr 17
aDArthVINvad3r Veteran 11,221 points
I'm flabbergasted... this is beyond stupid... did the challenge 'rules' disallow her from drinking water? Also, it says '30-second challenge' but the video is clearly 45-second-long... even with continuity errors.
0 votes
May 25
Goddammit! Addicted 1,599 points
No spooky dooky or gooky nooky, white power brethren!
0 votes
Aug 7
grief27 Overlord 5,753 points