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Russian woman gets punched by a dude

Pew Pew 

Fuck cloudflare 

15,195 views Oct 10, 2022

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VikiSan Omega 18,296 points
First punch was so hard
+4 votes
Oct 10, 2022
PlayerUnknown Addicted 2,184 points
the sound was mostly the elevator, they are always overly loud, that means she had less impact from the recoil
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,484 points
I don't get where the Russians took a wrong turn to get so violent, they could be Africans with that behaviour
+2 votes
Oct 10, 2022
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,902 points
Spare us,white folks been killing and beating way before Africans got involved.
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,484 points
But 'white folks' (mainly the western world) became acutally civilized. Niggers beat each other up 3000 years ago, and in 1000 years they will do too
Orion-14, he is not Russian. He is Burjat. Small Siberian ethnic group. They looks like chinks. Google it and don't call them "Russians".
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,484 points
Rachele Natural Addict 7,375 points
@anonymous is because paint it black 1234 is ucrainean and he hate Russians...therefore, any crime that happens in this world is done by the Russians
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,484 points
It says in the title Russians, so why would i call thrm elsewise
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 72,412 points
@RacheleGuidi I.m not Ukrainian you fucking idiot i told you that so many times and yes those are Russians in the video lol you fucking idiot
LoonyBinJimmy Intermediate 1,155 points
Oiii, @RacheleGuidi is a fucking transexual cunt, ignore him/her/she/he/him..faggs, lesbians, queers and transexuals are the most disgusting things ever. And gipssies as well
Hunter Biden's pipe Beginner 113 points
this kind of cowardice i don't support even though she's a russian bitch
+2 votes
Oct 10, 2022
OyVeyRabbi The Boss 26,883 points
That elevator is fucking huge, you could bring a cow with you and still have room spare
+5 votes
Oct 10, 2022
Overlord 6,848 points
That shit was powerful
–3 votes
Oct 10, 2022
SLEDGE Experienced 301 points
Russians are just white niggers. Change my mind.
+1 vote
Oct 10, 2022
Shit_Cock137 Natural Addict 8,189 points
They are. But they're also pretty nice and humble people. And in between the Communist era and the Putin madman warmonger era, Russia was actually a pretty nice place. They're Ultra-Conservative, have strict laws regarding littering, instill religious values onto their children, allow the purchasing of firearms and ownership of property. The only cons are that you can't openly say anything bad about the Government, and that most Russians are living in squalor at the moment.. But hey, Hitler didn't allow anyone to speak out about his Government either, and people on here seem to love him?
FatFuckFrank The Boss 28,890 points
The strong and powerful woman took that beating like a champ.
+3 votes
Oct 10, 2022
PsychoHebrewRemover卐 Famous 3,444 points
hahahaha he just enter throw a punch and after that exit from the elevator like nothing xD
+2 votes
Oct 10, 2022
Killer on the road Natural Addict 8,430 points
you know how woman are they cause shit, then they expect you to just disregard it because your a man. This is how woman should be treated
+1 vote
Oct 11, 2022
Fuck all niggers!
I'm not in a joking mood.  What the fuck is wrong with that fucker?  He needs to be killed.  What a fucking piece of shit.
+2 votes
Oct 13, 2022
JEONGYEON Extreme Poster 618 points
+3 votes
Feb 14, 2023
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 72,412 points