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Ex-Councilor Jerominho Guimarães Shot Dead By Unknown Suspects With Aftermath

Former councilor Jerônimo Guimarães, known as Jerominho, was shot and killed with two gunshots,
near his social center in Campo Grande, west of Rio, on Thursday afternoon (8/4).
Another man, still unidentified, was also shot and his condition is serious.

A video circulating on social media shows a witness who witnessed the scene.
The man says that a car passed shooting towards Jerominho. “It was a lot of shooting,
a lot of shooting,” he said. Look:

The former civil police officer was shot in the abdomen, leg and rescued alive.
He was taken to Oeste D'or Hospital, but he did not survive his injuries.
The death was confirmed by the Military Police. The second victim was rescued
by the Fire Department to the Rocha Faria Municipal Hospital.

The Homicide Precinct will investigate the death of the former councilman and the
attempted murder of the second person shot. According to the PM, policing was
intensified in the region of the action and in several points of the West Zone of the
city of Rio de Janeiro, electoral stronghold of the former parliamentarian.
The incident is still in progress.

Jerominho was arrested in early 2022 for extortion in 2005 and released
shortly thereafter. According to the defense's argument, the arrest would be illegal,
since the former councilman's sentence had already been served.

The former councilor intended to run for federal deputy in 2022. According to Fogo Cruzado,
in 2022 alone, three politicians were shot in Greater Rio: all died.

Jerominho was a councilor when he was denounced by the CPI das Milícias and named as
one of the founders of the “League of Justice”, the militia in the west of the city.

His brother, former state representative Natalino José Guimarães, was also named as a leader
of the group. The militia group was active in the sale of cooking gas, of closed TV signal,
the “gatonet”, and in the extortion of alternative transport.

The name "Justice League" was given because the symbol of the largest faction of
militiamen was the shield of the superhero Batman. The houses that paid the militia
to have a kind of protection, placed a bat figure with open wings.

The Justice League was the largest and best-known militia faction in Rio de Janeiro.
His symbol is the shield of the superhero Batman. The houses that paid monthly,
with protection from the militia, had in front of the house the figure of the
bat with open wings.

Jerominho was arrested in 2007, after being convicted of several crimes, and was
released in 2018, as was his brother Natalino. The two served time in federal prison
and were later taken to Rio to finish serving their sentence.
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