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Man Falls Into Waterfall While Trying To Take Video
A 28-year-year-old man slipped and fell into a waterfall in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal while trying to take a photo. The entire incident was captured on camera by his friend who was recording a video. The incident occurred on Wednesday, August 3.

Fire and rescue personnel, who reached the spot and began a search, have not found the missing man. The victim has been identified as Ajay Pandian. A 47-second video of the entire incident, which was recorded by the victim’s friend, who was identified as Kalyanasundaram, has now gone viral on social media and the internet.

In the video, the victim is sitting on a rock at the edge of the waterfall in Kodaikanal and posing for a picture. He gestures to his friend, who is recording the video from behind, to come to the front and capture it from a better angle so that the waterfall’s depth is also seen.

The friend obliges and the victim climbs down onto a slippery rock at the edge of the waterfall. He then proceeds to face the camera and pose for the photo. After posing, he turns back to face the waterfall.

A few seconds later, the victim’s foot slips on the rock, and he loses balance. He tries to hold onto the rock but in a matter of three to four seconds, he stumbles and disappears into the waterfall.

The victim’s friend can be heard crying out “Machaan”, even as Ajay stumbles and is washed away by the force of the water. Kalyanasundaram informed the local police about the incident. Fire and rescue personnel reached the spot and began a search and have still been unable to find Ajay.

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absolute Addicted 1,704 points
He wanted to feel the water
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Aug 4
Mario's BrotherLuigi Famous 4,100 points
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Aug 4
Arandomnigger 26 points
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Aug 4
YourLocalFemboy Famous 3,127 points
lemme gues. its in india
+1 vote
Aug 4
Serial_Shitter78 Experienced 281 points
The good ending, where fools end up
+2 votes
Aug 4
Guvnor Famous 4,426 points
Never mind, if he was not posing like a twat he would not have fell..
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Aug 5
TURMPFCUKEDGAOTS Natural Addict 7,185 points
Fuck White Trash Colonizers
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Aug 5
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FightForWhatsWhite Intermediate 1,220 points
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Aug 5
BadgerFromTheYNC Overlord 6,097 points
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Aug 5
Kilgore Experienced 294 points
What a idiot... he forgot to say cheese
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Aug 5
Eiriyel 86 points
He wanted to see what happens
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Aug 5
Fuckniggerss88 Well-Known 840 points
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Aug 5
KMDisciples67 Natural Addict 8,204 points
That was a weak ass fall
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Aug 5
theredwatercomesout Advanced 2,850 points
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Aug 6
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