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Beating And Raping Abducted Women Shot By The Criminal Group
A girl who was abducted by men! Russian television stations broadcasted an assaulted and raped all over the area. The footage is noisy and broadcasting ban the words.
97,650 views Apr 19, 2018
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mark Level 6 27,710 points
(shake) this is reality happen in this world now!
0 votes
Apr 19, 2018
Henry Howard Holmes Level 1 126 points
This movie is about real events. This is not the original. Her real name is Lyudmila. She was a prostitute. She got into sex slavery. It was in Ukraine. She tried to escape, but she was caught. As a result, the passer-by saved her, killed the criminals and died of wounds.
Blood&Guts Level 1 54 points
What a crappy video ....why bother ....
0 votes
Apr 21, 2018
robbievik Level 1 154 points
Ukraine must really suck for woman
0 votes
Aug 7, 2019
theredwatercomesout Level 1 130 points
- Bad acting -
0 votes
Sep 18, 2020
Oh shit they are trying to rape me, gotta run
*proceed to dive onto the dirt
0 votes
Dec 20, 2020
rb Level 5 16,766 points
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