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Brenton Tarrant Omega 19,592 points
Cringe simp lol
+12 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Geana 0 points
cringe simp vs incel white knight
are17 Grandmaster 165,182 points
Damn! He didn't see that coming LOL! Worse of all. he didn't land a kiss on the cheek! That punch will mark the embarrasment of his life.
+19 votes
Jun 30, 2022
ANVBIS 48 points
bruh  bwhwahwahwahwah
Veteran 10,169 points
Weak punch
+Women cant defend themselves
+10 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Veteran 10,169 points
I wish that guy raped her
HUMAN_COKE_CAN 71 points
that would be funny as fuck
Wantmeatwantblood Beginner 115 points
That would've made this video so much better.
Extreme Poster 608 points
that was cute
+6 votes
Jun 30, 2022
hellokittywithcum Beginner 153 points
Love your profile picture
Hoodstar Well-Known 922 points
Wtf did i just watch
+7 votes
Jul 1, 2022
Blackmessiah Intermediate 1,029 points
Sugar daddy can't take a joke
+7 votes
Jul 2, 2022
Kermit Trafficker Intermediate 1,390 points
Bruh, why would you kiss a random ass Chinese girl, there are like a billion them lol
+5 votes
Jul 2, 2022
GR Extreme Poster 579 points
Pussy is pussy
Inx 46 points
Sorry dude, but that isn't a Chinese(。-ω-)zzz
HUMAN_COKE_CAN 71 points
fucking dumbass that is a rooskie
Lucifah Famous 3,101 points
Weakest punch ever thrown.
+5 votes
Jul 2, 2022
HUMAN_COKE_CAN 71 points
faggot ass bitch slap if you ask me
PsychoHebrewRemover卐 Advanced 2,960 points
this is what happened when u have average looking and average frequencies energy hahahahaahahahaahaha (no im serious joke aside)
+5 votes
Jul 3, 2022
B4CKEND Overlord 5,003 points
Well deserved
+7 votes
Jul 11, 2022
Serralis Overlord 5,304 points
I love breaking all Twitch rules!
+6 votes
Nov 30, 2022
Vanligovanlig Extreme Poster 597 points
Harder dude
+2 votes
Nov 30, 2022
THEAD Beginner 233 points
Opps lol, well he deserved it too.
+5 votes
Dec 1, 2022
ILuvDerealization 67 points
How dat nigga miss? Fuckin dead
+3 votes
Dec 1, 2022
Inx 46 points
+3 votes
Dec 1, 2022
catboypatrickbateman Experienced 423 points
Thats so cringe Imagine kissing a random girl (¬_¬;)
+1 vote
Dec 1, 2022
ChickenSalvador Well-Known 847 points
+3 votes
Dec 2, 2022
155ren Intermediate 1,094 points
He should've emptied a clip on his head
+3 votes
Dec 2, 2022
chancho Veteran 12,553 points
skinny boy's gonna follow them, pop a cap in sugar daddy's head, and rape ching
+5 votes
Dec 2, 2022
ghostfucker Well-Known 956 points
why did he do that when they could have a nice threesome together ?!
+3 votes
Dec 3, 2022
Dutch Omega 19,302 points

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