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A young man appears to have streamed his suicide on YouTube earlier this evening. Details are still few and far between at this time, but what we have managed to learn so far is that a 4chan user and frequent poster to their /r9k/board who may have went by the nickname “Shuaiby” posted a picture wearing a mask and holding a piece of paper with the current date and “Bye /r9k/” written on it in pen. He then invited people to his stream as he readied what appeared to be a small shotgun. After that the horror unfolds quickly and horrifyingly.

The user then live streamed as they cocked the shotgun, and in a shocking moment ended their life violently. The video has obviously been taken down from YouTube .

According to another user on the famous anonymous message board claims to have had contact with Shuaiby in the past. This user claims that he was having problems in the past with his parents, particularly his mother. The other users, who rely on a certain level of anonymity despite sharing a certain bond, had given him advice and moral support in the past. This user also says that many people were attempting to talk him out of the suicide, however were unable to prevent it.
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