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Lesson is don't cheat!!
75,276 views Jun 14, 2022

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It's me Mario Overlord 5,799 points
Lol daisy is sucking asians cock bcoz its still bigger then luigis.
+4 votes
Jun 14, 2022
TheDevilsAngel Master 101,773 points
Hanza#6161 Experienced 376 points
Esse título tá muito longo pro meu TDH acompanhar. vou ir jogar meu joguin flw vlw

OPA Meu nobre. Meu nome é Yoshikage Kira. Tenho 33 anos. Minha casa fica na parte nordeste de Morioh, onde todas as casas estão, e eu não sou casado. Eu trabalho como funcionário das lojas de departamentos Kame Yu e chego em casa todos os dias às oito da noite, no máximo. Eu não fumo, mas ocasionalmente bebo. Estou na cama às 23 horas e me certifico de ter oito horas de sono, não importa o que aconteça. Depois de tomar um copo de leite morno e fazer cerca de vinte minutos de alongamentos antes de ir para a cama, geralmente não tenho problemas para dormir até de manhã. Assim como um bebê, eu acordo sem nenhum cansaço ou estresse pela manhã. Foi-me dito que não houve problemas no meu último check-up. Estou tentando explicar que sou uma pessoa que deseja viver uma vida muito tranquila. Eu cuido para não me incomodar com inimigos, como ganhar e perder, isso me faria perder o sono à noite. É assim que eu lido com a sociedade e sei que é isso que me traz felicidade. Embora, se eu fosse lutar, não perderia para ninguém.
TheDevilsAngel Master 101,773 points
Eu também quero uma vida tranquila. eu te sinto mano
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,847 points
Now what are the odds of that?..
+5 votes
Jun 14, 2022
WtfTube Well-Known 885 points
50/50, like everything else in life. Either it happens, or it doesn't  ‍♂️
JGMOJO67 The Boss 31,410 points
Lesson: don't get caught
+6 votes
Jun 14, 2022
are17 Landed Knights 179,646 points
the only taking me interest in, is that it's recorded on a phone to a computer.
+9 votes
Jun 15, 2022
StelioStelioKantos Advanced 2,253 points
Asian men may as well just be considered women
+6 votes
Jun 15, 2022
TheDevilsAngel Master 101,773 points
Hahaha so true bro
Lol stop watching tranny porn !
Dogfart Intermediate 1,118 points
Gotta love Asian porn.
+4 votes
Jun 16, 2022
Nazi Experienced 328 points
Japanese: YOU IS DISDRACE! YOU HAVE NO ONA! yes it's meant to be spelled wrong.
+4 votes
Jun 17, 2022
ChickenSalvador Well-Known 945 points
All I hear is screaming LMAO ching chong
+3 votes
Sep 9, 2022
DelbertGrady The Boss 38,645 points
Nice little spinner would look good bouncing on my dick.
+3 votes
Sep 10, 2022
Natural Addict 7,731 points
Title is too confusing
–3 votes
Sep 11, 2022
Misanthrope86 Experienced 291 points
The title confused me at 1st
+1 vote
Sep 11, 2022
Well_Balon Experienced 348 points
Hahaha all time best anime plots
+3 votes
Sep 12, 2022
WtfTube Well-Known 885 points
I haven't tried it, but I have a feeling that Asian pussy is the smelliest you'll ever find. No matter how much you power wash it, I'm betting you can still get a hint of yeast infection and spoiled seafood.  
Middle Eastern and Caucasian pussy is usually completely neutral, and black ones are just fucking disgusting so I'll keep rejecting them as they show up.. Don't get me wrong, there's beautiful black girls out there! But the pussies just looks like it's past it's expiration
+1 vote
Sep 17, 2022
nada96 56 points
yes the keyboard expert
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,896 points
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nah bro i think that middle eastern smell the worse
Narumi Addicted 2,163 points
When is this video?!
it's so poor quality
–1 vote
Sep 19, 2022
Hanza#6161 Experienced 376 points
título confuso demais pro meu TDAH.
0 votes
Mar 26, 2023
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,896 points
Cheating whores always follow those steps:

1. They choose to cheat, they know its wrong, and they do it anyways, enjoying it and not giving a fuck about theyr husbands mental health

2. They get caught

3. They get beaten brutally

4. They cry about it because they pretend not to face any consequence
+1 vote
Mar 25
angelicaaaatheasian Beginner 161 points
uno reverse card
+1 vote
Jun 30
TheDevilsAngel Master 101,773 points