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WTF! Woman Stepping On Kitten With Heels (Version 2)
The first version video is different then this,but i guess it the same woman.
61,576 views Feb 18, 2018
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666DVL Level 1 1 point
0 votes
Feb 18, 2018
Billknight Level 1 171 points
She has a saggy pussy
+1 vote
Mar 13, 2018
David Wolfens Level 1 9 points
This is some to notch shit here dude. Fucking love these.
0 votes
Jan 18
VioletCunt Level 1 15 points
Fuck these animal abuse videos. Animals are innocent. Humans are a disgusting plague on this earth and I wish we would be eradicated so the animals and plants have a chance. I`d rape this cunt with a knife if I had the chance.
+1 vote
Jan 19
nakalovesyou Level 1 1 point
I would have been turned on more if the kitty was stepping on the women. >:c

not saying that this turned me on at all, poor kitty. I hate seeing innocent things suffer. But I would not mind this women suffering.
Poor site of sons of bitches ! I'll denounce you across the wold fucking negers !!!!
0 votes
Feb 18
rb Level 5 15,989 points
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