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WTF! Woman Stepping On Kitten With Heels (Version 2)
The first version video is different then this,but i guess it the same woman.
175,985 views Feb 18, 2018
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666DVL Level 1 1 point
0 votes
Feb 18, 2018
Billknight Level 1 199 points
She has a saggy pussy
+2 votes
Mar 13, 2018
David Wolfens Level 1 14 points
This is some to notch shit here dude. Fucking love these.
–1 vote
Jan 18, 2019
VioletCunt Level 1 26 points
Fuck these animal abuse videos. Animals are innocent. Humans are a disgusting plague on this earth and I wish we would be eradicated so the animals and plants have a chance. I`d rape this cunt with a knife if I had the chance.
+6 votes
Jan 19, 2019
nakalovesyou Level 1 1 point
I would have been turned on more if the kitty was stepping on the women. >:c

not saying that this turned me on at all, poor kitty. I hate seeing innocent things suffer. But I would not mind this women suffering.
Fcrusher Level 1 10 points
Well you 1st.. kill yourself save the planet
Poor site of sons of bitches ! I'll denounce you across the wold fucking negers !!!!
–1 vote
Feb 18, 2019
If i was there i would fucking get a knife stab it inbetween your eyes and sit there while you fucking bleed on the floor, and if you got back up i would get your fingers and i would slice them off your fucking head, then take your heels off and shove them inbetween your fucking goddamn eyes, you sick bastard, i hope you and your family gets cancer.
+2 votes
Jun 16, 2019
Fcrusher Level 1 10 points
And what u saying is better because?? Im confused who is the sick one here
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 9 points
Well, Fcrusher if we both really look at the bigger picture here. If one person kills and brutalises another for doing something so wrong then is it really that bad? Like if some kiddy fiddler got his head bashed in would we really want to charge him? Not really they've rid the world of one dirty little fag. So, overall in my opinion I'd say it's perfectly ok for this dumb ugly hoe to be wiped from this planet.
I beg to god that she got humiliated by everyone she knows and love. And I hope everyone who actually enjoy these videos get crushed the same way these animals do
0 votes
Jun 17, 2019
robbievik Level 1 156 points
sexy got to see more
+1 vote
Jul 7, 2019
Fcrusher Level 1 10 points
Oh baby! ...Fuck them hypocrites
–1 vote
Jul 18, 2019
vaya panda de maricones los que hacen esto.. espero que banen esta página .
0 votes
Jul 19, 2019
I will figure out who posted this video, and the website creator as well.
+3 votes
Jul 25, 2019
Crime stoppers
Your going to hell-from Satan
+1 vote
Jul 26, 2019
robbievik Level 1 156 points
sexy like video like these
–2 votes
Aug 4, 2019
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 9 points
yes, your mother is a sexy video like these you dumb little skank
Fuck Allah Fuck Muhammad Fuck Islam
+3 votes
Aug 6, 2019
Peaceworld96 Level 1 1 point
Fuck you motherfucker who are to call thé great Allah and beutfeul Mohamed liké this and islam its thé great reliogen in the World so Fuck yourself fat fuck
She ended a life to turn people on. Sad.
+3 votes
Aug 23, 2019
This is awesome. Kill those fucks. They are invasive species and ruin the local habitats. This is satisfying watching
–5 votes
Aug 30, 2019
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 9 points
Ok, did a cat steal your girl or something? You jealous a kitty took your bitch, you little beta male?
Sick cunt what the fuck is wrong with you
+4 votes
Sep 5, 2019
Wished i knew who it was so i could slit her throat
+3 votes
Sep 25, 2019
Justin Bieber
You are a fucking asshole for killing that cat you fucking bitch
+4 votes
Oct 7, 2019
This women, torture her prison guard please and rape her fucking dumb women piece of shit fuck this bitch up man!
+1 vote
Oct 7, 2019
t3rr1fyhdx123 Level 1 14 points
wen ich dich erwische -.-
who I catch you -.-
+1 vote
Nov 18, 2019
wer923s Level 1 0 points
when I erwisch you. HAHA nein im ernst du deutscher Hinterwäldler idiot lern englisch scheiß spasst. Peinlich, kannst es gleich aufgeben wenn du ernsthaft kennst Who heißt Wen in dem Kontext. Das einzige was du catchen wirst ist ein fahrendes Auto, mit so viel Dummheit.
Typisch deutsch, deutscher Abfall. Reise mal ins Ausland und Kappiere du bist Abfall und unwichtig in der Welt.
Can anyone doxx her?
+4 votes
Dec 27, 2019
Killamalistic Level 1 32 points
I'm not for or against this type of fetish, but it's informative. real life is becoming more entertaining than movies by the second. I love you keep spreading the knowledge.
0 votes
Jan 31, 2020
I swear to god,i will kill this girl to and i beheaded,and i burn the body,Stupid bitch just wait,i will found you,and i know who you are.because im hackef
+3 votes
Feb 5, 2020
PsychoticKiwi Level 1 21 points
Yeah, I would love to remove both her eyes and start stepping on her.
+1 vote
Feb 21, 2020
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 9 points
Yeah, same here bud.
WhiteRaceIsSuperior Level 1 9 points
So, I understand this is a fetish so do tell me what it is that is so hot? Like wow the way the cat screams as she digs her heel into its head....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I what? What part of this is remotely orgasmic, the only thing orgasmic would be if someone started butchering her up and then letting that little kitty eat her 10 iq spic brains off the granite.
+2 votes
Mar 17, 2020
Joor79 Level 1 174 points
The only good thing about this video is knowing that one day she'll be starting in one herself
+1 vote
Mar 27, 2020
Heather -USA
Personally I don’t ever comment on videos, or take part in social media of any kind... However, It takes a special kind of piece of shit to be a person like you-the lowest of the low-you do not fuckin deserve to walk the earth-if I ever find out who you are I will take your life myself....I promise you that. You are a worthless fucking parasite who doesn’t deserve to live.
0 votes
Jun 5, 2020
Quit being so fucking emotional dumb fucks
0 votes
Jul 22, 2020
Tyler Weston
Maybe sometime we'll see her on the receiving end of such treatment on this site.
0 votes
Jul 25, 2020
look i can handle human beheadings and torture vids. all gore stuff. but iam a teddy bear inside when it comes to animal abuse. I cried watvhing this video.
0 votes
Dec 2, 2020
ебаная шлюха
ты кусок никчемного дерьма!
0 votes
Dec 7, 2020
Thehuntervip2200 Level 1 15 points
Hello everyone i sell new vids (cp-crush animals-buttcrush-necrophilia-kds trampling) if you are interested contact me on
0 votes
Dec 16, 2020
I hope this woman never protests by talking about racial identity by victimizing herself.
EYE: Because (this woman doesn't deserve it).
I don't like cats although I have nothing against them, and they are living beings just like every person.
The right to life must also be respected before going out to protest.
0 votes
Dec 31, 2020
rb Level 5 16,765 points
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