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Stupid Father Hanging And Beaten His Son And Daughter
Stupid Man hanging and beaten a little boy and girl. This maybe happend in india but we not sure about that.
66,457 views Feb 14, 2018

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David Wolfens Level 1 20 points
A lot of emotional scarring going on in the family. Like it.
+1 vote
Feb 12, 2019
Maniacal Level 1 83 points
I like it as well:)
Hindus fucktard
Well , unsuprisingly , they are fucking hindus . These indian retards drink cow piss and bathe in cow shit and drown themselve in the almighty corpse and shits river of genghis for good luck lmfao .
robbievik Level 1 203 points
someone should do the same shit to him see how he likes it
+3 votes
Aug 8, 2019
you know he would cum in his pants
Dounkg Level 1 72 points
Crazy parents
+1 vote
Dec 16, 2019
Joor79 Level 1 188 points
This guy is just creating future stars of livegore
+3 votes
Mar 21, 2020
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Yeah seriously
Just a quick question, have I done an illegal act just by viewing this? By the way, remember to wash your hands.
+3 votes
Apr 25, 2020
THEAD Level 1 87 points
Question I like to put these fathers who almost beating kills their own child is "why the fuck did you chose to be a father if you did not want to have an offspring? Could you just not have left for another woman if you did not want to have children?" after all those kids are small, so honor cannot be a motive or trigger to act like that. Such parents are the true parents that the state needs to take their child away from them, instead the FUCKING STATE takes children away from parents that politically dislikes the state. PROOF: The state cares not of families.
PS: I think this is in Pakistan by the looks of it.
+3 votes
Jul 11, 2020
Rphaelgr Level 1 47 points
Fuck this parents
+1 vote
Jan 6
This guy should be murdered
+3 votes
Mar 28
SweetCandy98 Level 3 3,092 points
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0 votes
Apr 20
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 165 points
this is literally child porn
+1 vote
May 2
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Yeah technically. Fucking sick
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
I have different point of views regarding this video, first of all what we expects from you heterosexual insects except this shit, you heterosexual men and women are fucking crazy animals, secondly this father may be beaten their kids because of they misbehave or disobey him after all he is a father and he knows how to deal with his children and who gives right to you motherfuckers to sticking your nose into his private matters, third why the hell you upload such videos here, does this video helps these children by any means, even this father is a scumbag why the hell he recording himself to beating his children and if he records then why he uploaded it to internet to give critics a chance to criticize him or may be possible any jerk spying this father and recording it secretly what a crap how could anyone spying someone's house and making secret videos this is absolutely privacy attack and such morons deserves to live in jail anyways if these heterosexuals kids misbehave or disobey his father then it's okay but if these children are can't disobey or can't misbehave with him then this father is a cunt and he should deserves to beaten on his ass for 24 hours constantly so he unable to sit ever again on his butt and rb you are more stupid or cruel than this father because you uploaded this crap here fuck off you son of a bitch and if I'm a heterosexual father and my children misbehave with me then I definitely beat their asses until they turns into red, black or blue but I never record it and if I record it somehow then I definitely never upload it on a internet
+1 vote
May 14
You deserve nothing less than swift death
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
Why? What I did? Did I hurt you? Or I steal lots of money from you? You're nothing but a internet troll who bully random strangers on a different websites, go to hell you filthy cunt you hateful barbaric ruthless son of a bitch actually you conservatives deserves swift death go get lost you heartless motherfucker
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
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I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
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I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
You coward conservatives wants to kill everybody who sounds, acts or live differently, you are the biggest haters who ever exists in this world, you are the trolls and bullies, you bastards don't even respect your parents, you scumbags beats your parents, disrespect them, mistreated them and leave them alone when they getting old shame on you motherfuckers
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
@Peepeepoopoo what happens if your kids beating you, misbehave with you, mistreated with you, teas you or disrespect you? Do you accept it? Tell me you son of a bitch? Actually you deserves more beating than this
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
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I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
@deathhhhhh never reply me ever again you son of a bitch or I will beat you so badly motherfucker so you unable to pee poo ever again, go get lost you infidel useless cunt
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
You shut up son of a bitch you sick taliban associate, you are no one to tell me anything motherfucker & NO ONE GIVES A SHIT INCEST, YOUR WHOLE COUNTRY IS DAMN AND IT'S DEAD NOW BASTARD
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Not my country, I live in space, away from you nasty ass humans. Taliban ain't doing anything the us government hasn't done before lmaoooo
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
You're a sick turd motherfucker shut the hell up it doesn't matter wheather it's taliban or us whoever killing innocent people then it's must condemned lmaoooo & look little talibani bitch cry for down voting his pathetic comment poor hateful man who cursing the whole country just because of one damn video what a repulsive and intolerant cunt he is curse to you motherfucker,
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Yah yah yah yah yah, you still talkin boi? Lmaoooo
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
White or black isn't a thing everyone are humans complexion of a skin isn't a choice of a human being you sick people still stucked in a skin color lol grow up you idiots, you are lmaoooo not me
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Then I'm God and you're a human animal
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
You aren't a God idiot no one worship you and you're a sick mutated animal fuck you
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
I'm your god bitch and you're gonna bow by the end of this year
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
Shut the hell up you idiot you bloody hate mongers are everywhere harrasing random strangers on internet for no reason shame on you butt hearted parasite incest bitch lmaooooo
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
You are not God motherfucker actually you bastards little parasites who harrasing innocent strangers on random websites, shame on you psychopath and I'm not here to beat anyone toodle grow up you insecure son of a bitch and keep dreaming asshole I'm never gonna bow to you rascal fuck you
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
LA La La La La faggot pussy
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
LA La La La La Xenophobic cunt
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Nuke the whole damn country. It's dead now.
–1 vote
Aug 25
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
Whoever down voted me is a faggat hoe
See this how you raise your kids. You don't beat them they turn into serial killers and mass murderer. Like you know....white people!! LMFAO.
–2 votes
Aug 28
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 656 points
White people suck ass but child beaters eat it with a passion
232Bas Level 1 118 points
I hope that kid grow up full of resentment and one day come back to murder his family.
0 votes
Sep 8
Leo Level 5 17,332 points
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