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Full name: Syed Hussain Ali Naqvi
Location: Porkistan
Website: I don't have any website
About: I'm a gay bottom & I love gay sex a lot I really don't care what homophobes like daffenSS thinks about me fuck off these evil mother fuckers they never understands our emotions they are just got jealous of us actually they can't tolerate if anyone enjoying his or her life this is our life so we control it no one else these scums always looking for excuses to criticize, judge, torture, kill and persecute people these bastards thought killing and torture is only solution of all problems fucking evil retards if two man or two woman having sex with each other at that way they can't harm anyone if i want sex with anyone then it's my personal matter no one have a rights to interfere in it homosexuality is not a crime or sin die slowly you homophobic pervert pedo daffenSS

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