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Mexican Cartel Ax Beheading of Naked Women and 2 Men then Dissolve them in Acid
This is a revenge killing for murder of innocent people.

Ricardo Santillan killed some innocent people thinking they were members of ''el Cartel Del Golfo'', but when they caught those innocent people he realized that they weren't members of ''el Cartel Del Golfo'', knowing that they killed them.

This is a video of the resulting retaliation.

Translation of the speech given at the 4:17 min Mark.

Man behind the camera-
-This is a message for you Ricardo Santillan, although you hide and cover your face. The same goes for ''el Polo'' and the motherfuckers who participated in the the murdering of innocents. That's the only reason you scared, posing as the army, deceiving to the people and to the authorities. I have a list, and I have written for example Homero Trevos civil defense commander who gives notices of the tactical movements of SEDENA (Mexican army)
227,630 views May 27, 2017
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mark Level 6 28,158 points
+2 votes
May 27, 2017
Henry Howard Holmes Level 1 126 points
Its ok ! (clap)
Blood&Guts Level 1 55 points
Dem Damn Narcos, Their no good,
Chop dem up for firewood,  
And when they're dead ,
We'll boil their head
And make Gingerbread...
0 votes
Apr 21, 2018
Steve1999 Level 1 6 points
0 votes
Jan 20, 2019
ANONO Level 1 8 points
Mexican style.. Decapitate then throw em in acid
0 votes
Mar 20, 2019
Sauron Level 1 90 points
first time I seen the chop up their victims, then use acid   sad that these were innocents in the wrong place at the wrong time   good video though
0 votes
May 9, 2019
robbievik Level 1 156 points
Why does this stuff go one and no one intervenes  The cops must be useless
0 votes
Sep 7, 2019
Dounkg Level 1 61 points
Raped before murder
0 votes
Dec 16, 2019
theredwatercomesout Level 1 132 points
Chick on the left had a nice ass
0 votes
Oct 28, 2020
Hello my dear
0 votes
Dec 8, 2020
rb Level 5 16,765 points
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