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ISIS Slitting Throats of Accussed Spies in a Slaughterhouse
They were accused of spying and passing info to enemies of ISIS (western coalition) in syria.
39,409 views Dec 25, 2017

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Muhammed T N
InsaAllah (God willing) who did these massacres and who is behind these groups stay forever in hell (jahannam) . Ameen.....
0 votes
Jun 6, 2019
binSalul Level 1 66 points
You still don't get it? They followed the Sunnah.
SweetCandy98 Level 3 3,148 points
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Apr 19
rip calderon xdd
0 votes
Jun 17
al qai'da
everyone says, this is wrong, but, let me explain something, supose you are from a us country, or you have us support, this kind of people who gets murdered, it's because, and I know from a truthful mouth. For example, imagine you have planes, like planes, helicopters, and so, so, you go to muslim territory and begin killing and raping the most vulnerable, of course they gonna get killed, and this is why this mens are being slaughtered, so, it's because they behavior, so, the world has losed anything, the world it's better, without people who wants to murder, rape and so on.
0 votes
Jun 18
Lets All Kill All Demons Muslim in the World
0 votes
Jun 26
Uwu Uwu Uwu
0 votes
Jul 7
12 year old child
today my friends showed me this its really funny and i really like it for my 13th birthday i wanna go there
0 votes
Jul 7
Miamixz Level 1 14 points
ayo? i mean....
theredwatercomesout Level 1 476 points
Quentin Tarantino is jealous
0 votes
Jul 28
rb Level 5 17,189 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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