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Father Used an Axe to Kill His Daughter for Marrying Someone from Other Caste
A 21-year-old woman was killed by her father for marrying a person outside their caste in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India.

The accused, Balu Shivare, hacked his daughter Manisha Hingane with an axe on Wednesday.

Her husband Ganesh found her lying in a pool of blood ( video) last evening and took her to a civil hospital, but she was declared doa.

Meanwhile, the father went to the police station and told there that he killed his own daughter for marrying Ganesh, who was from another caste.

He was then arrested. Manisha and Ganesh, who lived in the same locality, were in a relationship.

However, Shivare had fixed her marriage with another person on April 20. The couple eloped and got married on March 23. After that, they were staying in Malkapur area of Buldhana for a few days.

After a few days, the couple thought that everything would have been normal and hence returned to their village and started residing with Ganesh’s family, he said.

Ganesh, a Medical Representative by profession was out and even his parents were not in the house. Shivare, went to Ganesh’s house, where he found Manisha alone.

He then attacked her with an axe, the official added. “We have registered a murder case and arrested Shivare late night,” police said.
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robbievik Level 1 147 points
some people are screwed in India fucked in the head
0 votes
Aug 8, 2019
IndiaShouldBeNuked Level 1 36 points
Some people? The whole country is a fucking train wreak of stupidity.
I would've thought a peasant would be happy that his daughter did better than he did. What a sub-human piece of shit.
0 votes
Dec 15, 2019
IndiaShouldBeNuked Level 1 36 points
They really are a nation of retards.
0 votes
Mar 11
rb Level 5 16,490 points
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