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Four-year-old boy kidnapped, beheaded for 'black magic' in india

A gruesome instance of human sacrifice, a villager severed the head of a four-year-old child and offered his blood to Goddess Kali seeking "divine powers". The macabre incident took place in Scheduled Castes colony in the remote Pokur / Pokuru village at Valetivaripalem mandal in Prakasam district.Police recovered the sickle used by the accused, P Tirumala Rao (35), to kill the boy, Manu Sagar, at his residence. Enraged villagers caught hold of Rao and set him on fire. He was taken to Kandukur hospital with 40% burns. Villagers said Rao performed black magic and various pujas as he believed he would attain divine powers and wealth by human sacrifice. The accused is believed to have filled the blood in a bottle and offered it to deities.this doesn't happen always & only in india.but also in many parts of the world.many children fall victims to the practise of black magic.this cruelty against children must be stopped!

6,785 views Nov 22, 2017
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