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Screaming! Zeta Member Burned Alive
This video was posted the good "blogdelnarco" webpage. It is amazing! credits to them

This video shows a hitman (supposedly a zeta) in guatemala who had killed a woman

The people caught him and decided to punish him in a very amusing way: a little fire.

The video shows how the man tries to roll over to extinguish the fire and screams like a pig!

In the end what the guys filming say is: is he dead? is it over? I think he is dead, "he didn´t explode" (LOL) and the other guy: I think he is dead, he is stiffed already.

Please excuse if repost, I searched for it and didn´t find it.

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AK47 Level 1 702 points
it's the mob justice again
+2 votes
Nov 23, 2017
Amy1378 Level 1 5 points
This is totally in the top 3 of my worst ways to die... being burned alive.   I couldn't imagine and don't want to imagine the pain.  Just think how bad hell is going to be y'all!!
+3 votes
Aug 16, 2019
lmao, your soul can't feel pain yall, it's bullshit, by your logic only 144 000 people will go to heaven which means you're going to hell, I can curse and other man can kill people and both go to hell? damn your logic is fucked up, heaven and hell don't exist, only life after life, I hope you'll be burned alive
Dounkg Level 1 67 points
Angry mob punishment
+1 vote
Dec 16, 2019
SweetCandy98 Level 2 2,897 points
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Apr 20
Leo Level 5 16,716 points
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