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THEAD Level 1 58 points
And all of this cause drugs are illegal. What if we made drugs legal?
Then drugs would be so cheep these cartels would go out of business. End of that story and no more drug cartels. This is why we now know that illegal drugs goes hand in hand with drug cartels from government.
Also these Cartels are STUPID. I mean they do not get their money back, not their drugs back and fear they do obviously not succeed in making as this continues to happen. So what is the point in the killing? Just to insure a one way ticket to hell and prove that their prayers in Catholic churches are a joke? I think we already know that by now. So what is their point except that they are fat bat crazy stupid imbecile sick in the head.
Anonymous: We do not forget, we do not forgive.
Your time will come, either by the hand of revenge or by the hand of fate (Karma) either way, your time will come too Cartels. NOBODY, NOBODY is immortal and your time will come too. Your guns and money and fear you provoke in the stupid, will not defend you against death, you will too die one day.
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Jul 11, 2020
zack Level 4 7,099 points
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