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Cartel Execute Main Man From Opposite Cartel
Video where gunmen of the Zetas that are disputed in Zacatecas stop the main leader of the Taliban and confesses to having the support of the Zacatecas State Police, then decapitate him and throw him into Bags.
Full video where the Zetas decapitate the main leader of the Taliban of the Gulf CartelThe Taliban emerged as incisions of the Los Zetas cartel, a criminal group that is currently not mentioned, because it no longer operates as such; In the interior there was a fracture and it was divided into the two aforementioned cells, The Taliban, groups that, as a result of their territorial and market dispute, could be attributed the commission of high impact delios, mainly of malicious homicides, which until the month April amounted to 216.
The Taliban would have a presence in municipalities located in the south and east of the entity, as well as in the border region with Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosí, later recognized the presence of another group, The Taliban, who would be the other group that resulted from the incision of the Zetas.
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