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Russian Soldier Throat Cut! LONGER COLOUR VERSION
"Chechclear" is a name given to this beheading of Russian soldier video. It’s one of the oldest and most notorious beheading videos on the internet. The identity of Russian soldier is unclear but some sources suggest that his name was Evgeniy Rodyanov (sometimes spelled as Yevgeny Rodionov or some other mods of the same name). He was 19 year old when he got brutally beheaded by Chechen rebels.

As with most beheading videos, the most disturbing part of the Chechclear video is the sound. Young Russian soldier is seen lying on his side with his head stepped on by a Chechen terrorist wearing heavy combat boots. The beheading is started by stabbing the Russian soldier with a bowie knife into the side of his neck right behind his adam’s apple and sawing forward through his trachea and carotid arteries. Soldier’s agonizing scream gains different pitch as his vocal cords are severed until it eventually gets lost in painful gargle.

It is said that there is a longer, full version of the Chechclear Video, except that no one has ever seen it. Apparently full version contains endless abuse and humiliation of the Russian soldier before the Chechen beheads him. The widespread video that everyone has already seen is below...
17,179 views Nov 10, 2019
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