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Belgian ISIS Fighter Has a Message for Europe and Executes a Kneeling Prisoner
The Islamic State fighter Hicham Chaib said in a video message that the Brussels terror attacks which killed 28 people were just "a taste" of what is to come for Europe and the rest of the world.

He's the man in this new video promising a fresh wave of terror across Europe following the Brussels atrocity and at the end of the video he executes a prisoner with a headshot.

Who is Hicham Chaib?

The ISIS coward is the chief executioner for the terrorist group.

A Belgian national, he is also known as Abu Hanifa al-Baljiki and was an organiser of the extremist group Sharia4Belgium.

He's been involved in executions such as beheadings and crucifixions.

While he was in Sharia4Belgium, he acted as head bodyguard for the group's bosses.

But after fleeing to Syria, he began appearing in propaganda videos.

Now, he's the ISIS chief executioner and head of the twisted group's "religious police".

He is seen in his home country as a major corrupting influence on vulnerable and troubled young people in Belgium who join ISIS ranks.

While addressing the camera and speaking in Arabic, he criticises Europeans and the West for bombing Syria and vows: "We will kill your people".

He says that Brussels was just "a taste" of what ISIS has in store if the West does not stop bombing the terror group in Syria and Iraq.

He adds: "As long as you bombard our Muslim with F-16s, we will kill your people."

As his rant continues, he claims that the massacre in Belgium this week that claimed the lives of 28 victims was what the West had "planted with your own hands".

He is then seen at the end of the video with a kneeling prisoner, who is then executed after being shot with 2 bullets.

He says that terror will continue to strike "at the heart" of Belgium.

Authorities have confirmed that the attacks on Tuesday - which saw explosions at Maalbeek metro station and Zaventem airport - claimed the lives of 28 victims and three suicide bombers while more than 300 were injured.
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