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Synagogue! Live Stream Shooter In German
The Amok Nazis from Halle (East Germany) streamed the murder of a unweaponed woman, from behind.
26,005 views Oct 10
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This is not the full video tho.
+1 vote
Oct 10
theredwatercomesout Level 1 11 points
Is there a link to the full video?
Billknight Level 1 183 points
I think he was trying to bore them to death in the cafe
0 votes
Oct 11
oilpond Level 1 44 points
Wipe that filthy brown stain away boy.
Bless 1488
0 votes
Oct 11
Kebab removed
+1 vote
Oct 25
Peppi27 Level 1 3 points
Nur noch Irre und Verrückte auf dieser Welt !
0 votes
Nov 3
Common people are so docile and pathetic. The guys in the shop had multiple chances to hit him. He took ages to reload and you could've always knocked over those vending machines for great justice. Instead they just sit there, bundled up and crying, all packed up and ready to die. Well done mate, now you're dead. Survival of the fittest. Enjoy.
0 votes
Nov 7
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 49 points
ha ha that fat women wonder what she said to him , but well he shut her stupid mouth up lol , btw iv seen the video where you seee him talking to cam in his van and hes pretty cute abit nerby but fit
0 votes
Nov 26
zack Level 3 5,194 points
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