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According to various media, this Frida, at around 3:30 a.m., a human head was found on the sidewalk next to a narcomanta hanging on a wire fence on 25th avenue in the Centro neighborhood, in the municipality of Solidaridad . Agents of the Municipal Preventive Police (PMP) cordoned off the crime scene and requested the presence of the authorities of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

Who performed the corresponding procedures for the removal of human remains. The narcomanta, signed by the People of Achilles, contained fearsome death threats against taxi drivers, hawks, State Police commanders and prosecutors:

There are the tests, we go for everyone on the list ”

According to The Narco Blog, the Achilles People not only murdered and beheaded the individual, but also spread the video of the brutal execution on networks to make it clear that they will fulfill their threats without mercy.

The violent recording shows at least four members of the criminal group, who issue the same warnings embodied in the narcomanta while mashing the neck of his victim, who was on his knees, bound hand and foot and with his eyes and mouth covered .

In addition, homicides can be seen macheting the now deceased to later slice his neck with what appears to be a bow with a segueta.

As if that were not enough, two hitmen kick and hold the body of the victim, who writhes while being beheaded, suggesting that she was alive at the time of the brutal attack.

So far the identity of the victim is unknown, but the authorities are confident that this violent event does not affect the reputation of Playa del Carmen, currently considered one of the preferred destinations by domestic and foreign travelers, according to tourist measurements made by the platforms Digital like TripAdvisor.

New images of uncontrolled violence in Mexico because of drug trafficking. In social networks, the video of the moment when hitmen decapitate a man circulates.

In the municipality of Playa del Carmen in the tourist state of Quintana Roo, southeast of Mexico. (Three ISIS members accused of beheading the two tourists in Morocco were arrested) At least five subjects appear in the scenes, among them they grab the victim so that he does not move while another cuts his head, and then do the same with the other parts of the body. Images that shock and leave no doubt of the cold blood with which criminals act.

On the day before the bloody recording was broadcast, the victim's body appeared next to the city's municipal palace along with a narcomanta. In the narco-message you could read the following message: «people from Playa del Carmen, we have already arrived in this municipality to clean up traitors and fucking policemen who are not scared of people, the anger is not with you, but against all those taxi drivers.

Falcons commanders of the state and prosecutors who are at the service of these fucking are already located if we are a poster so put on cocks because I am going to make them piece and there is the evidence we go for everything that is on the list and I will grab them shitting atte achilles people »(sic).

On the day of the discovery, the municipal police cordoned off the place to remove the narcomanta as well as the head and a black bag where the other remains of the victim's body are presumed.
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