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Girl Gets Raped By A Group Of Men
Portrait view of a video uploaded some time ago. I loved her cries C; the little fucking whore deserved this and more!!! The little bitch!!!! Fuck her!!
18,844 views Jan 14

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guerrerocb Level 1 6 points
stupid description
+3 votes
Jan 14
Real_Misanthrope Level 2 2,993 points
Great tits. I'd rape her too.
+4 votes
Jan 14
BigButt Level 1 353 points
She has too much nigger in her
dawnsakura556 Level 1 62 points
too bad they filmed it on a fucking chromebook.
+4 votes
Jan 15
rawdawg Level 1 735 points
They used a potato.  BTW... Bet my gun is bigger than yours.
rawdawg Level 1 735 points
These queerbaits need to be strung up by their balls.
0 votes
Jan 15
Captain Boner Level 1 263 points
What are you soft or fagg with a six shooter. You should change your name to Clit* Eastwood.....
rawdawg Level 1 735 points
Neither.  And since scumbag rapists deserve a public castration - now that would make for good entertainment, since closet queers can't seem to find willing poontang by themselves.  But ehh, just my two ¢entave'.  BTW, this is a .44 magnum revolver - which will blow their balls "clean off."  - Dirty Harry.
Kill the lgbt Level 1 3 points
Get off the site then snowflake and go cry bout it elsewhere
rawdawg Level 1 735 points
Why, you dysfunctional derelicts are intriguing.
Captain Boner Level 1 263 points
I see nothing wrong here. Nothing but good old fashioned fun. Good for them. You know damn well she loved it! Thanks for the hard on Butt-Head! Well done!
+4 votes
Jan 15
In some countries they play to be raped to escape punishment for fornication.
This is also often the motive for accusations in child molesting where underage "survivor" are forced to report the "abuser" to escape punishment.
Puro cartel Jalisco Level 1 258 points
Damn, I want to cum on those tits.
+2 votes
Jan 15
Butt-Head Level 2 2,512 points
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