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Point Blank Execution of a Mexican Drug Smuggler
There wasn't much to say about this on the email that came in, except that this guy was some Mexican drug smuggler. He got caught by the opposing Mexican drug gang and they shot his ass. If any of you Mexicans out there can translate this, that would be great. I'm sure he's also talking about too.

Well, we got a translation of the vidoe, thanks Luis! (E)xecutioner-Who do you work for? (S)muggler-For Valdemar Alvarado AKA "El Rufo" and "los Zetaz" (drug dealers assasination squad) E-Which was your function? S-To shot the PFP (stands for Policia Federal Preventiva, kind of like your Federals) and to kill the people of "la Familia" (a rival drug-cartel) E-Which was your objective? S-It was to kill the boss of "La familia" with help from the PFP E-Bang XD (nothing about crazy shit, too bad...)
4,288 views Oct 10, 2017
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